Confused and trying to get a security system running

Ive been looking at this stuff for 3 days now…Can someone point me in the right direction…I want to install a Iris keypad…and motion sensors…what is a repository or a github…smart apps…totally confused and have a headache from trying to figure this stuff all out…At this point Ill pay someone…LOL…Help Confused

Honestly, if you have some spare budget, your best option for SmartThings “as a security system” is to purchase the ADT Security Hub edition of SmartThings.

It has a keypad, dedicated security sensors, optional month-to-month professional monitoring, cellular backup… and integrates with the SmartThings App in various ways.

It’s not the perfect solution; but the effort it saves is tremendous, at least as far as getting up and running quickly and reliably.


I second Terry’s suggestion. If I were buying a ST hub now, I’d probably go with the ADT one.

If that’s not what you’re looking for, then I’m afraid you’re just going to have to be a bit more methodical and do some reading to learn how to use custom code to get devices that are not official supported to work with ST.

Browse through the FAQ section of the forum, or visit the community wiki,


Take a look at my shm delay smart app.
Right now I would start with the beta it’s a lot easier to use


Start with this FAQ, it will explain the basic terms and concepts. ( this is a clickable link)

That said, if your primary interest is security again I would recommend getting the SmartThings/ADT security panel model instead of the original smartthings hub. The original hub has a lot of weaknesses as far as security goes which the ADT model does not. Just as one example, if the SmartThings cloud is down (Which historically has happened about Once a month) Or your local Internet is out, the original model can’t send out any notifications at all, nor can you change the armed status on the system. The ADT model, however, has a cellular module for contacting the ADT monitoring center and can be armed and disarmed from the panel locally. There are other significant feature strengths as well.


Thannk you…Im usually good at figuring things out…Im gonna read…I appreciate the help…If thiers anymore things I can read I would really appreciate it


If you already own a SmartThings hub, you can try to use the built in Smart Home Monitor of if you’re looking more flexibility try this SmartApp:


Has anybody used SimplySafe in conjunction with SmartThings? I just bough their system. I wanted a simple, inexpensive security system that didn’t require a contract. I’m installing it tomorrow.
Any SmartThings integration tips would be great.

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If you mean Simplisafe (note spelling) there’s a popular cloud to cloud integration.

You can find it by using the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki and look on the Project Reports list for “security.” That’s where the various integration projects are listed.

If this is some other system spelled with a “y,” I haven’t seen one for that.


I just switched from Iris myself. Let me say so far it was probably the best decision I have made. I went with the ADT hub, as I was needing a security system as well as home automation, and the transition was just about as perfect as could be. Just about everything switched over to Smartthings. The only things that did not were my v1 sensors, keypad and smoke/CO alarms. The support system has been fantastic and what usually took 1 hour to re-pair a deadbolt when Iris messed with the hubs, only took 1 time with Smartthings. I was unfamiliar with the app and how to remove z-wave devices. Had I known that then a call to them wouldn’t have been necessary. Also, the response seems noticeably faster than Iris when using Google Home.
I was having the same feeling of overwhelmed reading all the info about using 3rd party apps to control things, but as of now, I have not had the need for any.


Unfortunately, to do it right, reading is a mandatory assignment that you must do in order to make the right decision.

There are some pretty great suggestions above, but before you purchase a single thing, make sure you read, then reread, then research and then ask more questions and then read again before you make any decision. This will save you the most money right up front, ensuring that all the homework you have done prior to making that purchase, that the product that best fits your needs and requirements is purchased without the whole trial and error, or the “I wish I had known it couldn’t do this or didn’t come with that”. You don’t have anything now, so take all the extra time you need to make a better informed decision based on reading and suggestions or recommendations by community members and product reviews. You will be much more satisfied in the end if you do that boring and tedious homework now. Just my .02. Happy hunting!


What is a code and how do I use it???

READ the FAQ that @JDRoberts provided for you up above for using custom code.


With the ADT system can I use all of the sensors I currently use with my standard SmartThings? Or do I have to use the special ADT / Samsung sensors?

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I couldn’t speak more highly of Abode. While it does require a second “hub”, it’s been flawless for me for the past few months and I have it integrated with Smartthings via IFTTT. You might want to consider other security solutions besides Smartthings.


Only the special dual logo sensors can be used to send an alert to the ADT monitoring center. Your other sensors can be used in exactly the same way as they currently work with your standard smartthings hub, for home automation routines.

See the FAQ ( this is a clickable link)

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The easiest way to look at it is like this

Smartthings will work as it always has with all of the sensors and devices you already have. Some of the smart apps are no longer in the marketplace

The ADT Alarm side only uses ADT sensors for the alarm system side.

The ADT sensor are also useable by the Smartthings side

Smart things has very limited access to ADT side beyond seeing the ADT sensors


I can get to publish the code then it says smart app in green… Then I can’t find where the app went… I look on my mobile device in the smart things app… Under my apps and thiers nothing there??? I’m pretty sure I have the location set correctly… I think??.. If it shows smart app created… Where is it???

Did you check in the SmartThings Classic mobile App under Marketplace / SmartApps / My Apps? … That’s where “published for me” SmartApps appear and you can then install instance(s) of them to your Location.


Thier is nothing there…Ive tried several times