Conflicts between actions and modes?

(Brian Smith) #1

I setup and action for our side door, it is set to automatically lock the door when everyone has left.

I also set Away to happen automatically when everyone leaves. Away is set to lock the door as wel.

Two questions

  • will these two actions conflict with one since they will execute at the same time?
  • why would I do this one way over another? The ability to do this in multiple places is a bit confusing and I’m trying to understand why I might want to do it in one place and not the other…or in both.

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #2

I find Actions are often not versatile enough. For instance, I have one to set mode to Home at sunrise, but don’t want it to run when I’m Away. Fine.

But I can’t use it with a presence sensor as I obviously need it to trigger when the mode is Away. I suppose I could create another action, but my feeling is that actions are designed to do things you would occasionally want to manually invoke.

So, I use a SmartApp to do the things I want when I arrive home.