Confirm Light Fixture Grounded

Sorry this isn’t directly smart home related, but there seem to be a lot of electrically inclined folks here.

Without removing an overhead light fixture, is there a way to confirm the fixture is properly grounded? I know generally the wiring is 14-3 or 14-2 in the house with bare grounds, but would like to make sure the ground hasn’t become disconnected. I have regular bulb fixtures and integrated LED board fixtures.

For the bulb fixtures, can I turn off the breaker and check continuity between the metal part of the fixture and the neutral part of the bulb socket?

This is easy with the right tools, which are themselves inexpensive and available at Home Depot and similar stores, but you will have to remove the fixture to get to the wires.

I see. Such a pain to remove the overhead fixtures. Plus part of my concern is the wires coming loose when pushing them in. Obviously I did tug tests, but would be great to verify once installed, it is still properly grounded without pulling wires back out etc.

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Understood. I don’t know any trick for doing this without getting to the wires, though, but then I’m not an electrician. Hopefully if someone does know a good alternative, they’ll post it.

Light bulbs only need positive and negative and the actual fixture is typically grounded. Without pulling down the fixture I don’t know of a way to confirm whether it’s grounded because ground typically doesn’t go down to the bulb socket. Plus every fixture is different.

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Wouldn’t I get 120 volts from the hot tab of the socket and the metal fixture if the fixture itself is properly grounded and 0 volts if the ground is open?

That seems like the fixture analog to this:

I’m guessing your in the US, and I’m not familiar with your system. But if you have an exposed metal part cant you simply do a continuity test between that and and an existing earth connection somewhere using an 'extension?