Configuring ecobee and botvac off setting?

So I’m trying to sort out the best way to do this.

When I turn my to arm away when I leave my house I want to set both my ecobees to away. I want my botvac to run (assuming it hasn’t run that day). And I want my ST set up to go to away.

I want to configure a button in actiontiles that’s “coming home” that brings the ecobee back to home.

When I get home and disarm my panel I want it to set my ST to home.

What’s the best way to configure this?

Of those 3 decices, what have you managed to get connected to SmartThings so far?

I have the device handler (connects via api) and the ecobee device handler.

And do you have the botvac connected via the new SmartThings app?

No I figured it would have to be an IFTT thing…is there a device handler?

With the device handled I can’t seem to trigger things to happen when it changes states (unless I’m doing something wrong).

Sorry, thought you meant Samsung powerbot. Try this [RELEASE] Neato (Connect) V1.2.3 (Botvac Connected Series)

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How best to configure these actions? Virtual switches when action happens? How do I get the data when I set the alarm (from the panel) into ST to trigger everything else?

Nope the Botvac device handler he linked for you does exactly what you want by default. Just set it up and go through the settings. It’ll even set your alarm to stay mode while running so the bots don’t set off any motion detection.

thanks i’m still missing how to trigger the piece within ST…so when i turn my Alarm panel on it triggers everything else? I think thats the missing piece right now…

Do you have webcore and can see what capabilities are exposed to it?

No what’s webcore and how does it work?

Josh - Did you get your questioned answered? I have a similar requirement to trigger actions from the panel.