Configurable default screen for Android app

I see many suggestions about the app. I have a simple suggestion until such time as you can rework the app. Could you provide a way for users to change which of the exsting screens is the default when the app loads? I would much prefer to have the “Home” screen be the default rather than the “Dashboard” screen (which seems to have very limited usefulness). I would prefer to be able to select whether the default is “Home” “Things” or “Home” “Rooms”.





I don’t use the Dashboard tab at all, and it’s annoying having to switch over to the spot I’d like. Please make this a configurable setting (or at least better preserve the state of which tab was selected when the activity is stopped so it can be presented again the next time oncreate is called.

What I’d really like to see is a way to customize a dashboard to put various devices/routines i use most often on it, but i’d settle for not being brought to the current ‘dashboard’ screen by default :slight_smile: