Conexis L1 Smart Door Lock for £215 delivered

Hi guys,

For anyone on the fence for a Conexis L1, I’ve just managed to bag myself one from for £215 delivered…

They have a double difference price guarantee so if you mention Lock Shop Direct currently sell it for £240 they will give you £50 off their current price of £265…

Be quick though as i think Lock Shop’s offer is only on during March.

Hope it helps anyone looking for a deal on the Conexis. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the heads up! Managed to get one before the clock ran out.

How are you finding the battery life John, I put brand new duracell batteries in a week ago and the lock reported 68% battery initially, today it dropped from 68 to 10%, then a couple of hours later to 1% now the lock itself is beeping to warn me of low batteries.

We lock and unlock the door on average perhaps 4 times a day

Hi Jason,

Mines been running on the batteries that came with the lock for the last 5 weeks with the z-wave module and I am down to 78%. Average use of about 6 locks / unlocks per day… Comparing mine to yours I would say something isn’t quite right… maybe try resetting it? I would say to contact Yale if they didn’t keep you on hold for about 30 mins before answering so only go there as a last resort!
Let me know if you get it sorted. :+1:

Same for me. I’m at 79% including the z-wave module with over a month of use.

Which device handler are you using?

I’m using the standard Z-wave Lock handler.

Ill switch to that and see if its any different

What zwave module did you guys buy for this? I thought the module for it wasn’t released yet?

I use this one (you can get it cheaper):


Anyone able to articulate as to what benefits this yale lock has over the similar keyfree connected one they do with the number pad?

Its half the price

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So, we’re saying this is just a cheaper device and offers no additional benefits? I just did a quick search and the keyfree version can be had for not much more at £250

I think the other thing is this is supposed to be easier to fit, it took me about 10 minutes, the other one looking at the instructions seems to be more involved.

Personally although the other one has more features, I am not a lover of keypad locks. My brother in law owns a development with access gates on, he changes the access code regularly, and it takes about a week and a half before most of the developed world seems to know the access code.

I thought this was the case too

I think this is right - the fitting is easier with this lock.

Also, you can use both the RFID and Z-Wave at the same time on the Conexis lock, whereas with the Keyfree version it’s my understanding that you can only have either Z-wave or RFID but not both(as they are both modules).

I ended up getting an Iris keypad from Lowes when I visited the US recently and have put that inside a small box(actually an IP rated plug outlet from Screwfix with the plug removed) on the side of my house to have a third way of accessing for kids etc…

Yale’s PR people told me the Keyfree is Insurance Approved. A wonder whether this one is? If not, that’s an important consideration.

I only investigated with my journalist hat on - I’m not yet brave enough to have automation in charge of my door locks!

E-mail spam from Screwfix had something interesting that caught my eye - pretty interesting idea. If you’re looking to retrofit an old lock this could be a good way to go - although at £270+ it’s more expensive than a replacement Yale L1. Also not sure how you would integrate with ST.

How did you integrate it? Is it zigbee by any chance? or do you have an US hub?

I think it’s half the price.
Also, would like to share one of the best websites of sliding door hardware and it is