Concerns about Direction of Developer Workspace

There seem to be two separate things there. Are you asking if you can continue to use smartapps and DTH’s indefinitely. Or keep using github indefinitely.

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sorry, to clarify im concerned about my DTHs and Smartapps that were installed using github integration. It looks like the plan eventually is to break the connection to repos, so what happens to the the smartapps and DTHs installed and updated from a guthub repo when that is no longer an option? Am i starting all of my apps and handlers from scratch or can they all be migrated in some sense to fall in line with the way the system will be moving forward? i can live without github if thats the direction things are going, i just want to make sure that the many hours of work ive put into installing apps and handlers wont be thrown out the window.

Agreed, that would be useful to know. I’ve developed several DTHs and am making them usable for even more devices at the moment (mainly LAN connected devices). I was just about to set up Github integration properly (my first attempt in September didn’t go well as it became unusably slow, so dropped it). So far avoided developing smartapps myself as the DTH framework is flexible enough, and the apps can stay with CoRE/influxDB/Sharptools/…etc , interested to know whether I should stop development while things become a bit clearer…

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Ok… Just to summarise the answers from Jody (thanks by the way, it’s very useful!), here are my understanding to what’s going on

Current Devices Modes in SamsungConnect are for new scenarios

It was possible to develop cloud-connected devices, but the old system was pretty limited. The goal of cloud-connected devices and cloud-to-cloud devices are to allow new scenarios, they are not designed as a new way to developer what we’re doing right now.

Local devices support still coming

It’s already documented they will soon document how to develop hub-connected devices. This will be the big thing for us, because THAT would be the next version of DTH.

From what I understand, CURRENT GROOVY IDE IS HERE TO STAY FOR A LONG TIME. Don’t expect new features, but your code will continue to work as-is until they convince everybody to move to the next bigger & better system.

My hope…

What I would LOVE to have in hub-connected devices:

  1. Real support for SSDP devices
  2. Local execution of handlers/smartapps (or whatever they will be called)
  3. .NET Core support (that would be soooo awesome!).
  4. Better documentation / better abstractions for zwave & zigbee
  5. A sniffer mode for both zwave & zigbee with possibility to stream data through Wireshark (same for SSDP would be great too!)
  6. Something similar to cloud-connected devices with webhooks, but on local network, where https could be optional.
  7. I don’t care if I need to buy a new hub to support all of this… but I suppose the current one should be able to do this… ?