Compteur Linky via ZLinky TIC

Post will be in french, because Linky is the meter of the French electricity provider.

Il es possible d’intégré le Linky a un environement Zigbee, en utilisant le module ZLinky TIC
ZLinky_TIC Antenne_externe Non

Toutefois il ne semble pas y avoir actuellement de driver pour cet equipement.

La description des clusters / attributs est disponnible :

Ainsi qu’une implementation pour zigbee2mqtt:

Mes connaissances en lua / smartthings sont particulièrement limités, mais je peux participer aux tests/debuggage

I think it is possible, because home assistant has done it, but you need a way to be able to update the firmware on the Zlinky TIC device, and you can’t do that with smartthings.


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Stephane, I can’t get the enrollment to work. It enters in a loop and doesn’t get out anymore. Any idea what I do wrong? martin

Sorry, no idea. Perhaps cleaning up your browser cookies?

Just did that, but no change. To install your driver, it should be enough to click the enrollment link, right?
When I do so, I am asked to logon to my Samsung account and that goes without any problem. But then it start getting into an eternal loop. The link Channel and Drivers Web UI doesn’t seem to be valid. Anything that I do wrong? The aeotec hub is connected, I nevertheless don’t see it in my Samsung account.

But it is in the Smartthings app…

And I just tried to install some other driver thru an invitational link and that all works fine… Would really like to access my linky through yr driver.