Composite Fan Controller "disconnects" when updating DTH

I have a Composite DTH for a zigbee fan controller that would often loose connectivity to Smartthings when I make small changes to the Parent DTH, save and publish to me. The logs show that everything is being processed but the controller stops reacting to requests and does not send anything to the parse() when changed directly from the device.
I would then need to kill power to the device for 3-5 minutes and then connectivity would be restored. If I make no changes the device works fine and there are no disconnects.

I’m not sure if the issue is with the device itself or something in the code and I’m not very familiar with the zigbee command side of this DTH as it was written by @ranga.
Hopefully someone can take a quick look at the code and see if there is something obvious that is causing the break in communication between ST and the controller.

Any feedback would be appreciated.