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To be honest, I have not had the same issues that you have had. But, I did recently get the Cree Bulbs, and they are a pain to get working with any System, The problem is Cree there or possibly network interference from local Wi-Fi Hubs. Being IT I am sure you understand how that can happen. I know that the lock works, as I have used that with a friend, I am assuming that you have something setup that is opening on the lock like a Hello Home action. Do you use presence sensors for lock or security operation? If so, you may want to re-think that due to the cloud nature of ST and how ST handles the presence detection.

As for the support issue. What happens when you send an email direction to

it is too easy not to type the support email correctly.

it is again, make sure you do both "t"s in smartThings

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There are TWO (2) T's in :wink:


@theedpope I am not sure that is 100% correct when you say:

Fact of the matter is that the z-wave spectrum is so low on the bandwidth scale it’s more likely to get interference from Bluetooth than WiFi. I would also be more inclined to agree that interference could be an issue if every device connected directly to the hub, but as it stands the devices make a chain network where every device becomes a repeater increasing the signal strength with each device added.

I did look at the email again and sure enough I was using only one T in the email address.

Ok I had no clue what you meant by this:

OMG why the hell is this not documented anywhere! This at least solved one issue! I wish there were a way to make it permanent…

See #1 and #10 in this topic:

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I’ve had similar thoughts at times too. It does have a learning curve, which can be steep depending upon what you trying to do. If you’re a programmer, then all the better (if you’re not, well… then again, it depends upon what you want it to do). If you’re willing to code things yourself, the skies the limit (within reason). Some of what you want to do can be accomplished using different methods (different pros and cons).

Last week was a rough one for me, but otherwise it’s been pretty darn good for a while (knock on wood). The mobile app, currently experiencing chronic errors, has been a weak point, but then I have most things automated, so I use the mobile app for so few things it’s more of a PITA than a deal breaker.

I agree that ST is not cookie cutter enough to be sold to just anyone. It’s easy to see or imagine the cool things you can do. Even if you find an app that’s close to what you want (admittedly, easier said than done), the author’s situation may be different than your’s so it doesn’t quite meet your needs or do it exactly the way you want. You either settle for less or start coding (your choice). But I see this as the strength of ST. Everyone wants or needs something a little different. The platform allows for that. But it will frustrate the hell out of people who don’t like this side of technology. And yes, my background is IT (programmer).

Paint Shaker? Seriously, I agree. This is the stupidest “feature” ever done in ST. How hard was it to add a toggle, display names or not.

Anyway, be patient and things might get better. I think if there was something better most of us would have jumped already. But the promise of ST is bright and we all seem to want to stick through the pain to see it pay off.

Personally, I don’t see a reasonable competitor that can do 80% of what ST can do, securely and reliably coming in the next 6 months. I think CES 2016 will show us some promise from others, but that will be another 6-9 months from getting established.

That being said, ST has a huge head start on the 2nd generation of HA using IoT devices and is doing it right. What I mean by 2nd gen HA is that they are playing cloud based, DIY model vs the last 10+ years of either low end DIY local or high end dealer installed HA.

I look at ST quality of service as a barometer… Is it getting better or worse? There have been big swings up and down. However, behind the walls all the employees are great people trying their best to make it better. The law of unintended consequences just seems to be kicking their asses. It might be time to write a new version of Murphy’s Law.

Anyway, remember, patience is a virtue but time is money.


[quote=“raremind, post:24, topic:18618”]
Ok I had no clue what you meant by this:
[/quote]I know… the sheer amazement when you see the labels appear is like “WTF is WRONG with these people?!?” It’s even more fun if the first time you do it, you do it by accident. Then you wonder for days how you did it, and how to make them come back.

The UI… is not great. With tens of the same kind of device it gets really bad. Grouping stuff helps, but even then, do you group by function? By room? Floor? I would love to have a room view, function view, By Name, etc.

The Dashboard SmartApp is pretty awesome you should give it a look.


Man, I don’t think we could disagree more. HA does not belong in the cloud, and SmartThings and Wink have been excellent examples of this. While there should be access provided via the cloud, all local gear should communicate locally to avoid the latency and scalability issues we have been experiencing for over a year.

If you’re looking for someone who actually got it right, it’s Philips. A hub with an excellent, open, local API, AND cloud access for when you’re off your LAN and/or want IoT interfaces.


To @scottinpollock’s point, the Philips Hue Hub has failed me only once now in nearly about one year of ownership when they messed up an update couple of months back. It is rock solid locally as well as over the cloud in itself. They managed to fix the issue in record time apologizing all over the place.


I agree wholeheartedly. There’s no benefits to the end users from the cloud processing in the home automation area. It’s not a social network where all actors are geographically dispersed. Most smart home connections are local - from a few feet to a hundred yards a most. Cloud processing only brings additional latency, unnecessary dependency on the Internet and the third-party systems and additional security concerns. The only beneficiaries are the companies who try to foster “cloud everything” on consumers, who mine vast amounts of data hoping to monetize it some day.

Speak for yourself, man :smile: The promise has been there for two years and I’ve been semi-patiently waiting for it, but it didn’t materialize. I think between SmartThings and Wink, they proved beyond reasonable doubt that “cloud-based smart home” is a losing proposition.


I think a hybrid system makes sense, and is a proven model for most security systems, regardless of price point.

Run rules and device control locally. Send notifications out as needed. Accept remote requests. Contact web services, including voice processing, as needed.

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Yes, cloud component is essential for remote access, but it should not be a “core” function, where everything revolves around the cloud. Even then, I will always be suspicious of the architectures that pipe data streams from tens of thousands of users trough a single “pipe” and store everyone’s data in a shared database.

With modern cloud services its totally feasible that each user gets its own virtual cloud server where only his/her data is stored and processed, securely encrypted and fully under the user’s control. Amazon, Heroku and Docker offer these kinds of services for pennies, if not free. A free Heroku dyno with 512MB RAM should be sufficient to run basic home automation.

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When do you ship :smile: ?


Are you willing to contribute?

[quote=“geko, post:36, topic:18618”]
Are you willing to contribute?
[/quote]Sure - I contribute code here all the time! I guess the point is, in theory lots of stuff is possible, but in practice all we have is whatever is out there. And right now, ST is the best no-monthly-fee $100 solution out there for allowing simple app development on top of a zigbee/zwave sensor network. If there’s something better, let me know!


I see… So you’re one of those “makers” who rather wait until someone brings it to you on a silver platter. :smile:

Sad face :confounded: …this doesn’t seem to work in the Windows Phone version of the app…either that or I need to REALLY shake. (For reference, I used my “update Facebook app feed” level of shaking which seemed appropriate.)