Competing Commands to Smartthings Outlet?

(Scott) #1


Just programmed a Smarthings Outlet with two commands. Appears that the Turn on at sunset and off at 10:30PM isn’t engaging. Why?

Routine 1:
When motion sensor detects motion turn on outlet (light attached), but only between 4:30 AM and 7:30 AM. Shuts off after motion stops, with a five minute lag.

Routine 2:
Starting at sunset, light comes on, and shuts off at 10:30 pm. (sunset was at 4:40pm today, here)

Problem is that after the motion stopped, it shut off at 7:30pm. Makes me think that Routine 2 didn’t engage.

Can the system run both routines at the same time?


(Scott) #2

Fyi. I think I just dealt with it this way:

Routine 2:
Light on at sunset and off at 10:30.

Routine 1:
At 10:31 (until 7:30am) turn on for motion.

Seems to work well.