Compatible Thermostates for radiators

(Marco Maas) #1

Hi guys,
I’m a new user of ST and managed to connect my sonos, wemo and hue devices properly - now I’m really looking for a thermostate that is compatible, and is one like the ones we use in europe - directly connected to the radiators - - has anyone had the same problem and knows something? thanks in advance!

(Brian) #2

(Marco Maas) #3

hi brian,
thanks! will try to get hands on one of these - as i need to order the us-version (z-wave has other frequencies in germany) - do you happen to have a good online source? amazon doesn’t sell these… and I learned that there could be incompatibilities with the valve sizes - will need to check on those as well. anyway - i will keep you posted - and if you happen to know a store - i’d be really thankful!

(Brian) #4

No experience with them myself, just saw references in the vera forums. YMMV