Compatible battery powered rocker wall switches? (EU)

Are there any Zigbee 3.0 wireless wall switches on the market that play nice with the ST platform? Even better, models that can run locally?

Design-wise I’m thinking about something like these Aqara or Chinese off-brand switches with physical rocker buttons.

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What country are you in? The device selection does vary. (and personally, I would never use an offbrand device that gets wired into mains power, too much risk of fire.)

And the big question: are you just talking about a single switch or do you need multi gang?

Because the short answer is that there are many single zigbee Switches that work just fine with smartthings. But most of the multi gangs need custom code, so they won’t run locally.

Also, Tuya and Aqara are two different companies. Not the same switch.

The tuya switches are sold under many different brand names, include Losonho and Zemismart. The first picture you posted is a tuya switch. But not Aqara. This does make a difference as far as the code you use.

First rule of home automation: “the model number matters.“ :sunglasses:

(Also, never buy Aqara devices from AliExpress. There’s a huge problem with Aqara counterfeits, so The company won’t honor any warranties for devices other than from authorized resellers.)

Also, when you say “wireless“ do you mean battery operated? I just ask because “wireless“ is also used to refer to radio frequency devices, which is what anything that works with smartthings is.

To go back to your original question, I think most people have found the greatest success when buying from Zemismart or Yagusmart or an actual tuya branded device from Tuya. That’s because as soon as you start getting into the third-party distributors, they tend to be firmware changes which can break the integration. If you’d like to see some discussion about this issue:

Four button Tuya Zigbee device DTH (DTH link in post #7) (Same device from multiple brands: Zemismart, Yagusmart, Losonho , DYHF, etc)

But the short answer is that zemismart does create a smartthings DTH for the devices that they sell. So they tend to keep it up-to-date which reduces Integration frustration.

Yes you’re right. My use of the term “wireless” was indeed intended to refer to switches that are battery powered.

These one look promising since they look similar to the old Xiaomi switches my household has gotten used to:

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Just check to make sure that they are offering a smartthings DTH for the specific model you are interested in, they don’t for all models. :thinking:

That’s a good point. The Zenismart switch I liked didn’t come with a DTH, of course. :roll_eyes:

Anyone got some recommendations for a single and double-rocker switch that works either natively with ST or has an supported DTH? Preferably a switch that looks like the switches from Zenismart, Tuya or Aqara posted above?

Battery powered or mains-powered? US or UK?

Sorry, I’m looking for a battery powered rocker-style button for mainland Europe.

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Nobody? Or aren’t there simply no such devices that are able to run locally?

I don’t think there are any that run locally in the EU market, The smartthings platform has this whole other layer of device abstraction for button devices and that almost always requires custom code.

The friends of hue line is really nice in Europe with battery free switches from a bunch of different manufacturers. Different styles and colors. But right now they were only work with the hue bridge. From there you can get access to them in HomeKit which is cool, and they do still run locally, but that’s not smartthings.

You can get intermediary access to them via homebridge and HomeKit or just using a hue bulb as an intermediary (switch tells hue bridge to turn on the bulb, smartthing sees that bulb come on and reacts to it). So doable, but Hacky. :thinking:


There is a possibility that within a year or so these will be exposed through an integration with Matter, but no guarantees.

So basically my best bet is finding a switch from a brand that official provides a custom device handler for ST?

Yes, but it won’t run locally.

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