Compatibilty in cheap and good devices for my smart things


(abul khair) #1

hello. I wanna Add more devices to my smarthub. but the compatible 1s are quite expensive. I plan to buy it cheap and compatible to my hub. so, now I wanna buy micro smart switch for my home. online I find just 1 switch for the microswitch. where as my switches are square shaped 7*7cm. and each has 2 to 3 switchs. so I want to make up a double switch which would be also cheap for me. kindly if someone could help me out. I have no problem at ordering z-wave or zig-bee products from china or Taiwan, as they fall cheaper and does the work. please get to me asap. thank you.

(Kevin) #2

The Smartest House has a lot of inexpensive zwave products and their website says whether or not they’re compatible with SmartThings.

They also include links to the community created device handlers they’ve tested for the products that require them.

(abul khair) #3

my smart thing hub is from UK, the smartest house website doesn’t have much Variety on UK devices. can you please help me out. with it. Thank you.

(Robin) #4

Which country are you in?

Try if in the UK.

They don’t show ST compatibility but a quick search on this forum normally confirms if you’re safe to buy.

You mentioned shipping from Taiwan, I’m actually in Taiwan right now for a family funeral and have been looking to help setup the in-laws whilst I’m here. The TW Zwave frequency is different to U.K. and not compatible.

I strongly suggest you avoid cheap Chinese imports!! You’ll save a little now but live to regret it!

Go for Fibaro micros, not cheap but worth it for the quality!