Compatibility of older Leviton Z-Wave dimmers

I am very new the SmartThings community. I’ve been using X-10 devices for 25 years. When we sold our house and moved to a townhouse, I installed 15 or 16 Leviton X-10 dimmers an set up the entire townhouse. Leviton being Leviton - the dimmers started to fail almost immediately. Today, 19 years later a couple of them occasionally surprise me and turn on or turn off a light. The few X-10 or insteon units still work OK.

Being a glutton for punishment I’m moving into Z-wave control. I bought an Amazon Echo and a SmartThings hub. I’ve paired them and the next step is to control “something”.

I have several older Leviton Z-wave dimmers -Model RZ106-1L -. Does anybody have any experience with this model. Or - given my previous experience with Leviton devices, should I just smash them and deposit them in an unmarked grave.

I’ve also ordered an Go-Control unit which should arrive today.

Thanks for any response.