Compatability for a WiFi device?


New to all this smart stuff been looking around for some wireless switches found these on eBay there unbranded Chinese was wondering if anyone can tell me more about them and if they will work with the smart things hub?

Thanks in advance

probably not as wifi, you would need an smartthings app to act as a middle man between the hub/ST clould and the switchs cloud service (then to your router and then the switch).
you could search on hear for the app name eWeLink and see if anyone has done this yet

Looking at fourm there is and IFTT link

What is ST Cloud and IFFTT please treat me as a complete no nothing I just bought the switches and someone told me to get the hub so the wifi signals wasn’t all over the house causing problems :confused:

For compatibility, Che k the brands and models listed in the SmartThings app. It varies by region.

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This device is none branded so won’t be on there :confused:

No brand and WiFi…avoid.

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See the community FAQ: (the topic title is a clickable link)

And, as others have indicated, unbranded usually means no safety certifications which means a potential fire hazard. Not good for something wired into the mains. :scream: :rotating_light: :fire_engine: :ambulance:

For electrical devices, go for “less expensive” rather than “cheap.” Sonoff, Meross, Coolcam, TPLink and Gledopto all make inexpensive WiFi devices which are worth considering, although compatibility with SmartThings varies by model.

ST Cloud is SmartThings cloud, it is where your hub send the info to process. IFTTT is “If This Then That”. It is an app with pre-set automations. Go here to check it out: