Community member FS/WTB/WTT Thread

For Sale/Trade:

Zooz Z-Wave Plus On / Off toggle Switch - Model ZEN23

Trade wise - I’m looking for GE on/off toggles

PM me if interested. Can give pics if wanted. Have box/manuals

EDIT: I’m keeping the Zooz toggle. I talked to Agnes over at The Smartest House, Great customer service, BTW … and we determined that my wiring is a bit weird and thus need an electrician.

i have 2 nest protect battery models and 10 ge dimmer toggle switches 12724 - looking for motion siren, doorbell or other items. my house is mostly done now.

Are the protects the 2nd gen? Are you interested in trade for Nest cams or Wemo Insight or Lutron Caseta?

yes- they are brand new second gen battery powered- I would love another nest cam

I would love 2 more protects. :smile: Lets work out a deal in PM

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for Sale: Blink camera 3 camera bundle - Brand new, never opened - $200/ Free insured shipping US

includes 3 cameras and base unit.

PayPal only

Please message me if you are interested


I have 5 monoprice motions… Looking for ge dimmers

Will do. I’ll make a separate post so I won’t clog up this thread.

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I have 3 New GE Toggle dimmers #12729 and one Friends of Hue Iris (used for about a week) Would sell outright, or interested in trades for: cameras, iris open/close, gardenspot kits or philips light strip plus… and possibly other tech related stuff, whatcha got? (tablets, etc)

I have Brand new/Unused.

3 X Aeotec Z-Wave Minimote Remote Controls
2 X SmartSense Motion Sensor (2014 model)

Looking for Iris Smart Plug (Gen 2), or GE In-Wall Toggle Switch (Dimmer)

Let me know is anyone is interested.

I have some brand new door locks that i would trade for Venetian bronze

Kwikset ZWAVE SmartCode SmartKey Lifetime Polished Brass Single-Cylinder Motorized Electronic Entry Door Deadbolt with Keypad
Model # 910 TRL ZW L03 SMTCP

Would trade for Strip led lightify or philips that change color, motion sensors, philips hue, or other siren, or doorbell stuff. Send me a pm with what you have!


Ecobee3 sensors.

I have these items to trade

Irwin 1902419 Angled long nose pliers. These are the best thing to use when work in single gang boxes. Cutter, 12/14 stripper, crimper. Made in Germany $40 Prime

1-GE plug in dimmer (NIB)
1-GE Plug in switch (NIB)
1-Aeotec HEM (NIB)
1-Lightify extension (NIB)
Greenbacks (crumpled and worn)

I would also sell the door locks as well for 100 each. they are 200 new

I have some iris open close sensors available for sale or trade. I think at least 10 depending on how many ship.

Most. They cancelled a couple orders but I still got about 25

$130 + shipping

For Sale, Used for 3 months, Mint condition

Smartenit’s 4040B ZigBee Home Automation (HA) Metering Dual-Load 30A Controller

Have the following:

V2 hub
2- PEQ moisture sensors
3- Iris 2nd gen open/close
2- 2nd gen ST motion
2- 1st gen ST multi sensors
Iris keypad
Ecolink motion sensor
Utilitech siren
ST open/close sensor
Minimote v1

Would trade for hue items (any), rachio or cash.

I just bought 10 used but working Centralite keypads. I will probably keep 3, and hope to sell or trade the rest. I’m interested in open close sensors, iris outlets (the model with the zigbee and zwave repeater built in), water leak sensors, and smaller motion sensors. Or make me an offer. Thanks!


I can use 3 of the keypads for our kitchen lighting

Have some go control zwave door sensors and motion sensors (brand new ) or leaksmart water sensors to trade

Let me know. Or send me a price to buy them. Shipped to NJ


Remember that the Centralite keypads only work to change modes, Home Away Night. They do not work to control devices. Unless there is a new custom device type that I have not discovered.

It has been mentioned that ST SHM is going to support their own Centralite keypad, but no clue whether it will be backwards compatible with the old Verizon/Comcast keypads.