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SmartThings Hub v2 for sale, works perfectly, just moved to HASS and no longer need this. $20+ship from central Virginia.

How much, or free and just pay shipping?

I wasn’t sure what a fair price is so didn’t specify. after browsing eBay a bit updated post with what I think is fair.


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Bunch of smart lights ive been using for past few years. Just moved and don’t need as many anymore/have upgraded lots too. All bulbs and switches are in working condition. Prices up for negotiation.

9 GE Links ($5 each)
1 sengled zigbee ($10)
1 philips hue 600 lumen color a19 ($20)
1 philips hue color e12 ($25)
3 philips hue white ambiance e12 ($20 each)
3 philips hue white ambiance a19 ($20 each)
1 philips hue white a19 ($10)
1 philips hue color br30 ($25)
2 philips hue remote switches ($20 each)

GE Link bulbs… toss them. If anyone purchases those then they are a fool. Sorry if I am coming across as mean spirited. Definitely not worth $10… maybe sell them for shipping cost :slight_smile:


Not sure why you don’t like them, ive used them for past 5 years with little issue. And as i noted prices are up for negotiation. For sure willing to give those for cheaper than $10.

All sold thanks

sending you a pm… thanks

WTB arrival sensor. Anyone selling?

I know they’re sometimes flaky but I was happy with our last one until it somehow fell apart in the nanny’s purse and we only got half of it back. We haven’t had regular guests in the last couple of years but we’re about to again and it’d be nice if our spare keys were connected.

Are you talking about those arrival sensors from the 2016 2018 era? The little zigbee ones that attached to a keychain? I didn’t think they still worked. They do?

It’s been a couple of years so I don’t have any experience with them under the current setup, I suppose it’s possible that they don’t. They were just a really good solution for regular guests.

They still work. I have two that work.


What is your battery life like on those?

Great now that I’ve soldered them to a pack of 4 AA batteries :grin:


If you willing to do some work. I would suggest as a replacement the TrackR bits and ESPHome Bluetooth tracking with an ESP32 board.

TrackR stopped their API but the devices still work as arrival sensors if you have a Bluetooth capable device, like an ESP32 with ESPHome running. Just need to build an Edge driver to interface the data from the ESPHome.

I read somewhere there are places where you can find the TrackR devices for about 5 dollars each.

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Thanks - someone had a couple in their spares box so I snagged those and they seem to still be working well.

Setting up an ESP32 is the sort of thing I would enjoy doing; however, my coding skills are just enough that I could probably accomplish it, but only after 3-5 nights of staying up until 2am because at 11pm it was almost working, and that’s not helpful for maintaining domestic harmony around here…

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Read a bit about ESPHome. Minimal programming skills required.

The harder bit would be an Edge driver for it. But I guess a HTTP request solution to a REST API would be an easy way.

Inovelli red series dimmer with aeotec bypass, $35 shipped. (Sold)

$25 - 2 linear/gocontrol WADWAZ-1 contact sensors with magnets. These are the models with external sensor terminals. One has the case drilled for an external sensor. Price is for both and includes shipping to continental USA.

SOLD-----$100 - Any interest? WTS. Used 1 year or less Zooz switches (1) Zen 72 (2) Zen 77 (2) Zen 76 (1) Zen 32 Scene controller and one GE switch not pictured. Price with shipping in USA