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I have lots for sale All used unless noted. All pulled form working house!!!
$75 + $10 shipping
I have a full monitoring kit minus motion sensor I have included an extra dimmer lamp module
Comes with
1 Hub
2 Dimmer lamp modules
2 Multipurpose
Bonus Arrival sensor
Smart Button

New photo by Michael Ruotolo
New photo by Michael Ruotolo
New photo by Michael Ruotolo
New photo by Michael Ruotolo
New photo by Michael Ruotolo

Bosch Motion Sensors
$12 a piece + $8 shipping
2 are brand new
1 used
New photo by Michael Ruotolo
New photo by Michael Ruotolo

Aeon MultiSensor 6
$28+ $8 Shipping
New photo by Michael Ruotolo
New photo by Michael Ruotolo
New photo by Michael Ruotolo

Centralite 3-Series Pearl Touch Thermostat White 3157100
I have 3 of these. 2 have original packing.
$35 each + $10 shipping
New photo by Michael Ruotolo

Hampton Bay Fan modules
I have 2 of them
$35 each + $8 shipping
New photo by Michael Ruotolo

Smarthings Multipurpose
$12+ $6 shipping
New photo by Michael Ruotolo

I accept paypal and will ship usps
Please PM me with any question.

(Marco Paganini) #342

For sale:

2 x Monoprice In wall ON/OFF module (11989) ZWave. (Two modules)


These are small modules that allow any non-smart wall switch to become a smart switch. Supports single switch or two 3-way switches. Requires neutral at the box (if my house is the rule, most boxes have a neutral wire in them.)

Price & Shipping
Asking $30 for both.

The two modules should fit in a small USPS flat rate box, so shipping should be around $8.

Accept Paypal.



(Paul Melian) #343

For sale Keen Smart Vents setup.

3 - 6x10 smart vents
1 - 6x12 smart vent
Keen Smart Bridge

All items are about three years old. I have the original boxes, but I don’t have the screws or the instruction books.

On Keen’s website the above is listed for $489, I’m asking $200+ shipping (coming from Florida).

(ocpd+adhd+alz+md+hfa+fms+lol=me :)) #344


Did you ever get this model working with SmartThings?

(sd ) #345

I would like to get rid of unpaired and unused motion and door sensors - I have these sensors all around my house and work great with SmartThings and have been very reliable. I’m willing let go for $10 each and $15 for the Aeotec smart switch. Total $45 plus shipping for USPS small box.

Please DM me. I would like to sell everything as a whole package and willing to negotiate as well.

Quantity -
Motion Sensor - 2
Door Sensor -1
Aeotec Sensor - 1

(Mike) #346

Bought some Iris Window and Motion sensors a while back. Held on to them while I tried out the Ring Alarm system. Sticking with Ring, and just found my box of Iris sensors and too late to return them to Lowes

So, for sale:
6x Iris Widnow/Door Sensors
3x Iris Motion sensors

  • found out I have a 4th motion, but not new in box. It has been opened, l box.
    These are the ones that work with Smartthings

(Mike) #347

SABRE Home Expandable Wireless Burglar Alarm Security System
Includes Motion, Door and Window Sensors, LCD Touch Screen Display

1 LCD Smart Display Panel and plug (with tamper proof magnet)
2 Motion Sensors
12 Door/Window Sensors (important - has 10 of the other half of the Sensors includes 2 missing. I’ve used regular, strong magnets as an alternative for one.)
3 additional Door/Window Sensors (important - has two of the magnet Sensors, one missing). These are not monitored by the base station, but instead emit a very loud noise when opened. Perfect for a second story window.

I haven’t used this system in almost a year. I know it worked perfectly for years. Keep in mind there is a chance the batteries have since gone to zero, so they may need to be replaced. The system worked for years without needing to replace the batteries…
Secondly, it would be recommended that you remove the existing doubled sided 3m tape and put your own, new tape when installing.
I do not have the instruction manual, so it’s best for someone that is either familiar with the system or can search online to ride the user manual.

***** Just found an additional Siren, Two large Sensors, and five Contact sensors that are not in picture. I will include them in package *****image image image

(shawn lockner) #348

Any one have any aeon /aeotec energy monitor gen 1. That They dont need? Trying to track down an energy hog in my house.


If you’re still interested, I have one new (but opened box) for $25 with free shipping in lower states.

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #350

Fellow smartphone users, I’ve started a small etsy store that I would like to share with you. There are only a couple of things there right now, but I’m adding to it.

If you would take a quick look, it would be appreciated.


On sale until 6pm CST for 20% off. Sale price is $5.00 ACT FAST!

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #351

I know everyone is as tired as I am of the pain of changing batteries or resetting of the Iris Motion Sensors.
So, I made this simple and easy mount. It’s on a swivel so you can position the sensor any way you want and it locks in place. The sensor pops out and snaps in very easily, so there is nothing to taking it down and putting it back.

Take a look!

I’m working on making similar mounts for other sensors, ie. Phillips and ST. I just have to get my hands on them.

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #352

If anyone is in need of a quality 3D print, let me know. We can design and manufacture pretty much anything that you may need.

(llcanada) #353

@bamarayne I’m impress with your Smartthings Mount for the Version 2 hub. I really like how it fits the hub it is very secure and fits snug. Good job I would recommend this to anyone who needs to save desk space. Thanks

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #354

Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it. I’m glad it works exactly as you planned.


WTB:Visonic Door Window sensors MCT-340E. I am in New Zealand and can’t buy them here. Happy to pay by Paypal cost plus shipping if someone can be kind enough to send. I can get them shipped to a US address. Or if someone has any spares they want to sell.

(Clayton) #356

FS: Ubiquiti Networks UniFi Controller Cloud Key V1

In like-new condition (still has the original protective plastic applied :smiley: ) with original box and all accessories. Only getting rid of it because I started purchasing UniFi cameras, so I moved on to their combined NVR/Controller device.

(Devesh Batra) #357

WTB: Dry contact z-wave relays

Looking for 2 dry contact relays for a project, if any one is selling


(Brian Spranger) #358

How is the cloud key with the new nvr? I have been considering purchasing one myself.

(Clayton) #359

In terms of the controller aspect I honestly haven’t noticed a difference (as expected).

From an NVR standpoint I like it, although there’s room for improvement. I only have on (Flex) camera so far, but the cameras are so cheap I can justify using them throughout the house instead of motion detectors which is awesome. I actually plan on eventually having two of the NVRs - one for outside with the “hybrid” cloud access turned on, and one for inside that’s more locked down.

I love that it’s always recording audio and video, while not using any bandwidth. All functions work really well on both desktop and mobile (timeline, settings, defining motion zones, etc.) However I do wish it had object recognition to help filter false positive alerts. I have the camera at the back of a ~12" soffit but at night because of the reflection from the IR emitters it still goes off from snow, rain, fog, etc. I tried adjusting sensitivity down to 1% and it was still going off. Also, there’s no rate-limiting for the notifications so when something like snow sets it off it sends notifications every ~10 seconds for hours…

In the relatively short time I’ve had UniFi equipment a lot of features have been added and functionality enhanced, so I’m optimistic that the same will be true with UniFi Protect. There’s already been 3 updates in the month or so I’ve had the NVR.

Feel free to DM me if you have any more questions, so we don’t clutter up this thread!


Three Aeotec Smart Switch 6s (switch, not dimmer) for sale. Unmarked condition. Reset and ready for inclusion to a new network.

$30 each shipped within CONUS or $85 shipped for all three.

FS: Aeotec Smart Switch 6 (Three Available)