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(Michael Chipser) #320

I have a few plug in modules and other random z-wave / HA devices if anyone is interested. I am looking for 2 dimmer in wall switches…

(BigSlade) #321

I have seven LIFX 800 A19 White WiFi smart bulbs and one LIFX A19 Color WiFi smart bulb. Looking for $25 for each of the White bulbs and $40 for the Color. Would prefer to sell as a set for $215. If interested I can take pictures of the bulbs either on or pulled out of the lights. I have all original boxes.

(Alex) #322

I am gradually replacing all of my Leviton Vizia RF zwave dimmers, switches and fan controllers. Anyone interested? Fan controllers will be for sale as soon as HomeSeer has their new series available in late August, early September. I would recommend these switches to those who have a partial install and want to expand with the same devices, not for new installs as these models have been replaced with Zwave plus version that look different.

Leviton VRS15-1LZ Vizia RF + 15A Scene Capable Switch, White
Leviton VRMX1-1LZ 1000W Vizia RF Z-Wave Universal Scene Capable Dimmer, White
Leviton VRF01-1LZ Vizia RF + 1.5A Scene Capable Quiet Fan Speed Control, White

(Christopher Capitumino) #323

I might be interested in a few. How many do you have and how much?

(Alex) #324

I’d like $15 plus shipping (so the more you get the cheaper the shipping per unit would be, plus I get a very high discount on FedEx shipping that I would pass on to you). I need to do a tally at home of what I have already removed from the rooms I have upgraded. I will have 6 fan controllers and 6 extra dimmers once HomeSeer has their new fan controllers available in a few weeks (I don’t want to do the wiring twice… it is such a pain to deal with cramped boxes and 12 AWG wires!). The rest I can upgrade at any time thus making them available to you.


Do they work directly with SmartThings, or is some Leviton hub required? If they work directly, I am interested in 3 light switches (dimmer or not) and 1 fan control. Thank you.

(Alex) #326

They work directly with ST, no other Leviton device needed. If these are your first Leviton Vizia RF devices, you might want to look at the recently released zwave plus models. I would recommend the switches/dimmers I have for those who already have some installed and want to finish the build-out with the same model.

I will have fan controllers available in a few weeks once I can get the new HomeSeer ones (they are backordered).


I did some research and I don’t think I need the new features, so I am still interested. Do you also have the 3-way auxiliary switches?

(Alex) #328

@dannysporea - I will PM you to avoid spamming everyone on the thread with all the back and forth that may be required.


I have a first generation Spruce irrigation controller forsale if anyone is interested. Looking for $85.

(Jay Chai) #330

Hi. WTB… SmartThings smartsense motion original sensor.

(Eric) #331

FYI - I bought several devices from @aruffell. I’ve only had time to install 4 of them, but they all worked fine. Great condition, can’t even tell they are used.

(Jaherin) #332

Is this still available? Does it come with any of the moisture sensors?


Yes I still have it but no moisture sensor. sorry

(Michael Scott) #334

US Only

$60 Include Shipping - SmartHome hub for sale (Switching to Lenovo Smart Display)

(llcanada) #335

@techgreenie Lenovo Samrt Display only comes with bluettooth and Wlan , if you have any Z-wave or Zigbee devices how are you going to use them without the Smartthing Hub?

(andrew) #336

I have a Nest E in excellent condition with box, wall plate and paperwork. Works perfectly with Smartthings using NST manager. !


$100 shipped and PayPal’ed lower 48 US.

(MarkTr) #337

If anyone’s interested who isn’t following the Lowe’s clearance thread…
Iris leak sensors (2)
Iris motion sensors (2-4)

Iris 3210-L repeater plugs (up to 4 unless I find a use for them first)


FS/WTT: Iris Keypad New
Make offer and you pay for shipping.
Purchased with the security pack, but never got around to messing with the keypad.

Contact sensors
Water detect sensors

(Kevin) #340

For sale or trade (used, good condition):

Trade possibilities: toggle type z-wave switches, hue color bulbs, ???

PM for more info or make an offer.