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(Wes Hampton) #297

I have three gently used LIFX 800 White tunable, dimmable bulbs available for sale. They’re in perfect working condition I’m just trying to not be spread across too many brands of light bulbs and only had three of these. I’ve factory reset them and they’re ready to go. If you’re interested just shoot me a DM with an offer and we’ll try to get something together. I can’t find one of boxes, but I’ll pack it safely. Thanks for looking!

(Jimmy) #298

Trane XR524 z-wave thermostat. Works great. Replaced with a unit I got through beta testing. $50 shipped

(Clayton) #299

Selling my Rachio 8 zone 2nd Generation irrigation sprinkler controller (click for more information)

(Garrett) #300

For Sale:

I have:

  • 8x GE 12727 Z Wave Toggle Switches (2 are new in box)
  • 3x GE 12728 Add-on switches
  • 1x GE 12729 GE Z Wave Dimmer toggle switch
  • 2x Zooz ZEN23 Z Wave Toggle Switches

$300 shipped for the lot

(Brian Diehl) #301

EDIT: Sold via ebay


I couldn’t find this thread when I initially listed this …

(Chad Moss) #303

WTT Ecobee 3 (with remote sensor) for Nest thermostat

Works great - I just tend to trade things out from time to time and want to see the difference. This is not the one with Alexa support directly, but I have it setup - can be done with a lot of patience.


FOUND: Aeotec Home Energy Meter Gen 1

Thanks @bamarayne

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #305

I have two of them I’ve never used. They are still in the box. Send me a PM and let’s make a deal.


Sent a PM your way.

(Michael Chipser) #309

Do you still have the 4 door contact sensors?

(Allan) #310

Sorry, no. Sold them on eBay.

(Devesh Batra) #311

do you have any of the 4CH Pro SonOff units for sale ?.. looking for 3 of them …


(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #312

I have two Ring stick up cams. About 6 months old and in perfect condition.

150.00 each plus shipping


For sale or trade, all items have been used for a year or two:
(sold) Philips hue aura ($15 each)
(sold)2 Philips hue bloom ($20 each)
(sold)2 Philips hue iris ($20 each)
(sold) Philips hue color and white gu10 ($20 each)
(sold) Philips hue color gu10 1st gen ($15 each)
1 Philips hue color and white e12 ($30 each)
(sold)5 ge zw4003 toggle z wave switches ($20 each) (pending sale)
2 ge add on toggle switches zw2003 ($10 each)

I’m looking for contact sensors for trade if you have any extras lying around.
Would also do trades for netgear arlo system.
Pm me with offers.


(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #314

I still have one Ring Stick Up cam with Solar panel. $150.00

(Chad Moss) #315

Ecobee 3 w/ remote sensor - about a year old in perfect condition.

$100 plus shipping


Anyone got a spare Blink sync module for sale?


Sent you a message about the Blink module


Have a Blink Sync module with all of the cords, no packaging (was cheaper to buy another multiple camera set than just the cameras I needed). This is a non-XT model.
$20 plus shipping.