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(Kevin) #274

I have the following I want to trade (all used, in good condition):
(1) GE z-wave decora dimmer switch… I think it is this one
(2) Enerwave z-wave decora switch
(3) Enerwave z-wave decora aux addon 3way switch (requires switch like #2)

Mainly looking to replace these with z-wave toggle style dimmers/switches or in-wall micro-controller. Might be interested in RGB bulbs or motion/multi-sensor or ??? PM me with your trade offer :slight_smile:


I have a Zen Thermostat that I’m not using. White, Z-wave, can use batteries or C wire powered (works with 4 or 5 + wire systems). Can do one or two stage heating and cooling.

$80 + actual shipping.

( Cosmo) #276

GE Link PAR38s & BR30 bulbs

4) GE Link PAR38 13w lights (used lightly) $8/bulb
(must buy group of 2/4)

2) GE Link BR30 9w lights (used lightly) $5/bulb (not pictured)

** Descriptions **

  • The GE Link PAR38 bulbs work perfectly, no issues whatsoever. I just decided to finish converting my house to all in wall smart switches and dimmers for uniformity, and the bottom line is they are now orphans.

  • The GE BR30s are about a year old. I used them in the closet under the stairs. They couldn’t have seen more than a few minutes per day on. I have now converted that fixture in the new house to a smart switch.

Trades are welcome. ISO:

  • GE Zigbee In wall Dimmers
  • GE Fan controls
  • Fibaro or Enerwave Dual Relays
  • Hue Gen 3 A19 bulbs


  • Shipping is $6.80 total (USPS Priority Flat rate).
  • US ONLY, if you’re international, I can give you a specific quote before you buy.

I take paypal, private transfer. I don’t want to pay fees. If you don’t trust that and want to send it as “payment”, you just pay the fees. Don’t care which. Your choice.

(Brian Diehl) #278

Up for sale is an Abode Home Security/Automation starter kit PLUS a streaming camera.
There are a few members using this for security while using ST for automation.

The starter kit includes a motion camera (wireless, battery), a key fob, 2 door/window contact sensors, and the hub with built in battery backup. Then I have the streaming camera for it.

I got this from Kickstarter. It’s been factory reset by Abode for the next user. A new starter kit is 329 and a camera (newer model) is 149.
I’ve moved away from smart security outside of cameras and just want to use the ST hub.

Selling this whole bundle for 250 shipped! Works with Nest, IFTTT, Alexa. Google Assistant is coming soon.

(Marc) #280

Simplisafe Brand New in the Box for Sale:

(Allan) #281

Not sure if anyone checks this anymore but figured its worth a try before eBay.

I have 2x EcoLink Door/Window contact sensors (the ones with external contacts). I do NOT have the magnets but you can use almost any magnet to trigger it or just use it for the external contacts. Would like to sell both for $25 total (inc shipping).

I also have 4x Monoprice recessed Z-Wave Plus Door/Window contact sensors. One is complete in box, the other three were used before I converted my hardwire sensors over. Same thing, missing the magnets for the three (well…they are in my door frames I I don’t want to remove them). Would like to sell 2x for $30 inc shipping or all 4 for $50 inc shipping.

(Kevin Jones) #282

I’m sure that everyone has already gotten their fill of the Google Home Mini when it was priced at $30 for the past few months but I have two that I’m looking to get rid of. I’m selling them for $60 plus whatever it costs me to ship them to you. I’ll return them to WM if no one wants them but I thought I’d post here first. They are both charcoal - one unopened and the other opened and used for a couple of days but nothing wrong with it cosmetically or otherwise. I decided to stick with Echo Dot’s instead of the Google Home Mini’s in my house.

(Daniel Pena) #284

I’d be willing to trade an Echo Dot that I have for a Google Mini, I have both now but am deciding to go with Google.

(Kevin Jones) #285

Sorry @danjp, I already have all of the Echo Dots I need!

(Andrew Caudle) #286

I’ve got some NIB Google Home Minis, chalk color. Asking $30 shipped to the lower 48.


@danjp I know this is a bit late but I have a NIB Charcoal Mini to trade for that dot if you’re still interested.

(Charles) #288

I’d trade a Dot for a Google mini. My Dot is in like-new condition, but no box.

(phil) #289

Well I have had it with these Xiaomi devices. I have about 4 round Temp/Hum sensors . I actually may have more but I need to look around for any other ones. PM me if you are interested. I know a lot of you have gotten these to work but just the other day they all dropped off my network.


(phil) #290

I have 3 round Xioami Temp/Hum sensors. PM me if you want any. Most have fresh battery. I will begin to ship them out on Monday if you are interested.,

Also Have
I have the following for sale
3 Honeywell Lyric Wi-Fi water Leak Sensors - $35 each plus shipping (Still in the Box)
2 Aeron Labs Smart Energy Monitors (AEDSB09104ZWUS - $23 Each plus shipping (1 in the box and one not)
4 Wemo Bulbs $30 for all 4 plus shipping (Not in original box)

PM me if you are interested

(Dave Blanchard) #291

I have an extra gocontrol Zwave thermostat. It’s used but we remodeled the room it was in and no longer need it. I used it about 6 months. these take AA batteries so you dont need to have a c wire for power. Our house just has 2 wires and I am running heat off the other 3. open to trades/offers. need some smart plugs and light switches or will take random zwave zigbee stuff.

(isaac) #292

Sonoff Basic flashed to work with SmartThings with extension cord. $15 each and $5 shipping for as many as you order. I can also do $12 each if you don’t want/need the extension cord.

Just to be clear, you can make these yourself if you have the time, soldering skills, programmer and patience. I just remember wishing I could pay someone to make a few for me without learning the entire process so I’m just giving out that option to others now!

(Richard W) #293

I am selling all of my Wemo light switches. I just finished replacing them all with z-wave switches and dimmers.

(Jimmy) #294

Two GE 12719 z-wave plug in switches. Tested on my system and working great. $25 shipped each or both for $40 shipped.

(Brett C) #295

UPDATED 3/15/18

Hi all,
I am parting ways with my Zigbee equipment on eBay. Have a few items up now and will be adding more when I have the time. Please take a look if you’re in the market for:

Thanks for looking!



1 indoor or XT Blink camera. PM me if you have one of these for sale.