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(Colin) #254

Looking for someone that has a Lowes near them that has the not ST compatible Netatmo Welcome cameras on clearance for 49.75. I have a list of stores if needed…anybody willing to help a guy out?

(Devesh Batra) #255

FS:Yale lock in satin nickel for sale, brand new. Includes Z-Wave module and 2 keys

we went with a different brand instead

$130 shipped in the US…


(Jimmy) #256

Lightify dimmer switches. Sold.

(Bill) #257

Not sure if it’s been posted or not, but Lowes is clearing out the Lightify stuff, some have reported issues with ST, but still some pretty good deals.

(Bill S.) #258

It’s CRAZY. I just bought a ton of stuff from them last night. In total, I got 1 recessed light, 4 BR30 color bulbs, 1 color A19, 2 tunable white A19s, 2 of the dimmers, and 2 standard A19 bulbs. I spent ~$90 on all of it compared to ~$400 it would have cost me normally. I’ve pretty much cleared my local store out. Now, I’m going to move onto the one that is about 5 miles farther away. :wink:

Now, what to do with all this stuff!!! LOL

(Brian Diehl) #259

If you’re still looking for these, let me know.
I have a store with 4 of them available that’s about 20 minutes away.

(Andrew Caudle) #260

I have 11 extra tunable white Lightify BR30 bulbs. Looking for $12 ea + shipping if anyone needs them.

(Eric) #261

I have 3 brand new minimotes for sale or for trade.

I have 0 interest in your Lightify products, sorry.

(Jordon) #262

I am looking to get a Coopboss. I went to buy one and saw that the creator stopped making them so I thought I would come on here and see if anyone is wanting to get rid of theirs.


I notice that several months ago. Trying emailing him. He may have some left over stock.

(Jordon) #264

That’s a good idea. Thanks!

(David Lam) #265

Have these for sale

What's a fair used price for a device you want to sell?
(Clayton) #266

As some of you know, I moved a couple months ago. Old house had a walk-out basement and a regular door to the back deck; new house has sliding glass doors and no walk-out. Also, front door has a mortise lock mechanism so I can’t use a regular deadbolt. I had Yale key-free locks on all the doors at the old house which I removed before selling. If anyone’s interested in buying any of the three extras let me know.

One is a YRD120 Real Living Key Free Touchscreen Deadbolt T1L with Z-Wave in Oil Rubbed Bronze, then other two are YRD110 Real Living Key Free Push Button Deadbolt B1L with Z-Wave in Oil Rubbed Bronze and Satin Nickel. Both models work with SmartThings (I used the RBoy DTH and SmartApp) and they should work with any other Z-Wave system that integrates with locks. They were installed for less than two years.

I chose these particular key-free locks because I find the lack of a physical key more secure, plus they’re immune to “bumping.” There are external contacts for a 9V battery to prevent you from being locked out if the internal batteries die.

I’m asking $150 OBO for the touchscreen model and $125 OBO for the push button model. If interested I can send pictures or any additional information.


Any luck? The CoopBoss popped onto a conversation earlier. A friend of mine is a builder. He recently finished up a coop/house for a nearby estate. Final cost to the customer 125K, and it’s not even automated.

(Jordon) #268

No luck here but if that’s the ticket it’s deffinetly not something in my budget. Hahaha


A 1200sqft coop with hardwood floors heat and AC for 2 dozen chickens. They must have a goose that lays golden eggs hidden away.

(Allan) #270

I have two EcoLink contact sensors but lost the magnets. So they can be used with literally any other contact sensor magnet or just use the external inputs. $15 shipped each, $25 for both via PayPal. Shipped to continental US.

I also have a Monoprice Z-Wave Plus recessed door contact sensor (full kit). $15 shipped.

(Jeremy) #271

Interested in Lightify RGB stuff and switches if anyone has them lying around. :slight_smile:

(Dana ) #272


Do the Eclinks have native SmartThings support, or do you have to use a custom DTH? Any issues aside from the missing magnets?

(Eric) #273

I have several of the same model as @vseven has. They work fine, no custom DH. They pair as Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor. They also run local.