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Thanks let me check the shipping cost. Yes they are all 4x12.

(Clayton) #233

Bummer, I only need 6 of the 4x12s. Let me know once you’ve checked on shipping.

(Bill) #236

I’ve got one of these NIB if anyone wants to make an offer.

Not sure if I need to trade anything, but let me know. I bought two of them a while ago and don’t need the 2nd.

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #237

I’ll trade you my two week switches for it

(ocpd+adhd+alz+md+hfa+fms+lol=me :)) #238

I have some ecobee3 room sensors (and some other stuff…will post more when I get a chance to look around).
Anybody need these?

I need some fan switches (both the 4-position kind for normal ceiling fans, AND the kind for bathroom exhaust fans…though I guess I could just use smart switches of any kind for that), motion sensors.

(JStrott) #239

I am looking for Echo Dots that anyone has for sale. PM me and we will figure something out.

(Angie Guedry) #240

I might be interested in the room Sensors.

(Bill S.) #241

If you still have the lock, I could work out a trade or a purchase from you. Thanks :slight_smile:


Looking for Roomba lighthouse if you have any gathering dust for a 650 model.

(Bill) #243

I do still have it. PM me what you’re thinking.

(Teflon Koss) #244

Netgear Arlo Smart Security System with 2 Arlo Cameras. Good shape, works fine. Hit me up with any questions. Looking for $180, but negotiable.

(Mathew) #245

Selling my v2 hub, Echo Dot, 2 OSRAM dimmable bulbs and one RGB bulb, SmartThings power outlet, motion sensor, presence sensor, and 3 multis (plus a 4th in which the contact sensor doesn’t work but tilt and temperature do)


Hi all,

I have a bunch of SmartThings / home automation stuff for sale.

All (both Zigbee and Z-wave) are EU version, so please bear that in mind.

All items are located in Athens, Greece and I can send to EU countries.

Have a look at the list bellow:

Zigbee HA 1.2

1 piece ST Starter Kit - used mint condition
2 pieces ST Motion Sensor - used mint condition (need to unstick them from the wall first)
15 pieces ST Multi Sensor - used mint condition (need to unstick them from the door first)
1 piece ST Moisture Sensor - used mint condition

Z-Wave 868 Mhz

1 piece Aeotec Indoor Siren - used mint condition
1 piece Aeotec Minimote - used mint condition
1 piece POPP Outdoor Solar Siren - used mint condition
1 piece Fibaro Smoke Sensor - brand new, never used

I have the boxes for all the items on sale. Still it may not be a very good idea (mainly applies to sensors) to send them boxed because postage costs will increase.

I have not yet created an eBay listing. I can provide photos to anyone interested. All items are working perfectly and are less than 12 months old.

I am willing to give sell them all for less than half the current price. I would prefer buyers interested in more than one item (especially for the cheaper ones) at a time.

If anyone is interested, please pm me.

Thank you very much in advance.

(Pranav Kodali) #247

Willing to part out?

(Dominik Rozek) #248

How much? I am looking for 2

(Dominik Rozek) #249

Anyone have any Z-WAVE IN-WALL ADD-ON TOGGLE SWITCH? Non paddle

(Chad Cleven) #250

@Dave_Blanchard Ill buy your Keen Smart Vent 6x12


(Garrett) #251

I have 2 Kwikset Kevo smart locks (v1) in bronze and a Kevo Plus hub if anyone is interested.


It’s also listed on reddit if there are any users here Reddit Link


Are locks zWave or zigBee?

(Garrett) #253

Neither. They are bluetooth and connect over the internet via the hub. As of now there is no API but they work with Alexa.