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(Matthew Valeri) #211

Not sure anyone would be interested, but I have a Vera 3 I’d sell/trade. It isn’t on the current firmware (doesn’t have the memory to support it) and it a few models behind but it still a serviceable unit. Good for someone who wants to dabble their foot into HA cheap.

They don’t go for much nowadays, so make an offer of cash or trade. I’m not looking for anything specific. I’d even throw in some cash for something like a Harmony Hub base.

(phil) #212

Looking for a few contact sensors with Dry contact’s on them. Have a few Aeon Labs Z-Wave Home Energy Meters and also have a few motion sensors unused

(tedrpi) #213

Selling a Google home (gray cover), $80. I think most folks here are familiar but full specs:

Works great with Smartthings, voice control of devices connected via Smartthings to include third party integrations like Logitech Harmony remotes. This is an extra unit I had used in the basement but just don’t need anymore. Let me know if you’re interested.


I have 3 of the Jasco ZW3102 energy monitoring lamp module that I got from the vera sale a couple of weeks back. I need a 3-prong for my applications so I’m putting this up for sale. $50 for all 3 via paypal, shipped with tracking. PM if you’re interested. All new, have not been paired to my hub yet.

Link to product:

(Rob K) #216

Phillips hue e27 bulbs, Bosch motion sensors, l.


I’m looking to buy gardenspots

(Daniel Pena) #218

I have a 4x10 Keen vent I’m not gonna use.

Looking to trade…looking for
6x12 Keen Vent (really what I need)
Iris motion sensors (maybe Zooz too, or the new GE switch ones)
Hue lightstrips
Leak detectors

(Clayton) #219

I’m interested. I have a bunch of Hue stuff I’d be willing to trade. Want to DM me?

( Cosmo) #220
  1. Leviton Plug-in Lamp Dimmer Module DZPD3 (NEW) $20

  2. Leviton Plug-in Appliance Module DZPA1 (NEW) $20

  3. GE Link PAR38 13w lights (used lightly) $9/bulb
    (must buy group of 2/4)

  4. Kidde SM-120x Integrated Smoke alarm relay (opened, never used) $8

  5. GE Bluetooth plug in module (Brand New) $15

*The GE Link PAR38 bulbs were bought here used. They work perfectly, no issues whatsoever. I just decided to finish converting my house to all in wall smart switches and dimmers for uniformity, and the bottom line is they are now orphans. I do need an aeon micro dimmer or switch, so if you’d like to trade 2 of these for one of those, I’ll happily do it.

*I had the siren paired for all of a week, using the lights portion only for notifications in bedroom. I ended up getting a Hue kit and have expanded Hue and have voice notifications now through my whole home audio. I simply don’t need this.
It was factory reset and I just don’t need it.

*The relay was opened, I bought 2, ended up using one, and this was left over. I wired up a door contact sensor to the dry contact relay for connected smoke alarms. They have worked like a charm for a year. Do the same thing! It’s a great idea.

Trades welcome, make offers.
Aeon micro switch or dimmer, Osram gardenspots, aeon minimotes, zigbee/zwave GE in wall dimmers/switches, and maybe something I didn’t think of if you have offers.


  • $3 each item if bought separately (USPS First class), or $6.80 total (USPS Priority Flat rate) if multiple bought together.
  • The relay is $2 instead of $3.
  • The GE bulbs is also $6.80 for 2, $10 for all 4.

I take paypal, private transfer. I don’t want to pay fees. If you dont trust that and want to send it as payment, you pay the fees. Don’t care which. Your choice.

(Dan) #221

I have an unused LeakSmart 3/4" Valve + Water Sensor, new in “open” box. I bought this recently (sealed box) after a pipe burst in my ceiling. I decided a I wanted a quick method of shutting off the water to the house without having to go out to the valve near the street in my front yard. I was able to pair the LeakSmart water sensor with an old Wink Hub to upgrade the firmware to the latest version which greatly improves battery life. I then paired both devices with my SmartThings hub to make sure everything was working properly. Both devices function perfectly.

It was at this time that I crawled under my house to check the water supply line. Uh Oh! My supply line is 1", not 3/4"! At that time, I promptly boxed everything back up and it is ready for a new home that can make better use of it.

Please PM me if you are interested. I am asking $85 shipped in the continental US.


(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #222

I have two Wemo in wall switches. One has never been installed, and the other had for a short time.

$50.00 for both plus shipping.


My Netatmo is still sealed in the box. Don’t think I’ll use it. Will trade for Blink or Arlo camera.

Edit: Netatmo personal weather station (indoor and outdoor modules)


I have 6 keen vents of size 4x12. All new still in boxes.

(Clayton) #225

Netatmo makes multiple products, which exactly are you referring to?

I’m interested, how much are you asking for them?


Thanks for pointing that out. It’s the Netatmo personal weather station. (indoor and outdoor modules)


I’m looking for $50 each plus shipping.

(Clayton) #228

Would you cover shipping if I buy all 6?


What’s your zip code? Just counted… I actually have 10 total.

(Daniel Pena) #230

I’ll take 1

(Clayton) #231

Zip is 48323. Are the other 4 all 4x12 also?