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( Cosmo) #191



I wanted to offer the Community this stuff first before it I list on eBay:

Lot 1 (no individual sales):

9 GE Link Bulbs (2700k version) for $40 +shipping

Lot 2 (no individual sales):

9 First Alert Zcombo Smoke/CO detectors (2 yrs old and work perfectly) for $80 +shipping

Please PM me if interested. PayPal accepted. These will go on eBay by Wednesday if there are no takers from the Community.

(ocpd+adhd+alz+md+hfa+fms+lol=me :)) #193

sold :slight_smile:

(Jacob B) #194

Are those still available? Two wired for one battery Protect?


No. They are gone. Thanks

( Cosmo) #196

SOLD 1) Schlage Connect BE469 Camelot - Brass - Opened, LIKE NEW.
SOLD 4) GE Add on Switch - Toggle type (12728) - brand new
SOLD 1) GoControl Siren (from a kit), used (barely) WA105DBZ-1 $20
SOLD 1) Leaksmart Sensor: brand new, never opened. $38
SOLD 1) Leaksmart Sensor: gently used. $34

(ocpd+adhd+alz+md+hfa+fms+lol=me :)) #197

Thanks for mentioning this. I hadn’t thought of it yet until I saw this from you.

Hope I did the right thing with our trade the other day.
If not, sorry.

= Proof of learning something every day :slight_smile:

(Matthew Valeri) #198

Sale or Trade

1 Leviton DZMX1 Dimmer

1 Leviton VPOOR-1LX Remote Dimmer

Both brand new in package. They are the old style bottom push. I’ve had them a long time but just tried to install today and… surprise… no neutral. I can’t return them so I figured I’d try here before eBay.

Looking for a camera but open to any trade. Haven’t thought about a sale price yet but open to that too.

(Jim) #199

I am looking for some GE Toggle switches 12727 if anyone has any for sale at a good price.


No worries, you did the right thing. I know what I wanted as my bottom line, so I factored in fees.

(Eric) #201

I have a couple brand new Iris Smart Plug (Zigbee + Zwave repeater), unopened.

Looking to trade. Seeking Iris Motion Sensors.

(Brock) #202

I bought a bunch of switches on sale and before I opened up my wall plates only to find out my 40 year old house doesn’t have compatible wiring at most switch locations…
I have 4 brand new unopened GE 12728 Add On Switches (not paddles), $12 each
I have 2 brand new unopened GE 12729 Dimmer Switches (not paddles), $20 each

Shipping is $3 per switch.

Paypal private transfer or you pay the fees if you want to send as a payment.

( Cosmo) #203


Absolutely, everything worked out very nicely in our trade. Literally a non event. Nothing abnormal, or even comment worthy in passing in my book. :grinning:

Only responding about it cause I got tagged. :flushed:

(Stephen) #204

PM sent on the switches.

(Jim) #205

Do you have any dimmers left

(Arnold ) #206

I have a complete linear/gocontrol garage door opener. Installed it but found that it wouldn’t work on my garage door opener without further modification. Looking to trade for a chamberlain MyQ system or sell outright for $50 shippped.

(Eric) #207

Will a Liftmaster MyQ system work?

(Arnold ) #208

You have one to trade?

(Eric) #209

I have one, I need to look around and see if I have both the gateway and the wall switch.

(Sam Hanley) #210

I’ll 100% buy this if it’s still available - let me know!