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WTB:Visonic Door Window sensors MCT-340E. I am in New Zealand and can’t buy them here. Happy to pay by Paypal cost plus shipping if someone can be kind enough to send. I can get them shipped to a US address. Or if someone has any spares they want to sell.

FS: Ubiquiti Networks UniFi Controller Cloud Key V1

In like-new condition (still has the original protective plastic applied :smiley: ) with original box and all accessories. Only getting rid of it because I started purchasing UniFi cameras, so I moved on to their combined NVR/Controller device.

WTB: Dry contact z-wave relays

Looking for 2 dry contact relays for a project, if any one is selling


How is the cloud key with the new nvr? I have been considering purchasing one myself.

In terms of the controller aspect I honestly haven’t noticed a difference (as expected).

From an NVR standpoint I like it, although there’s room for improvement. I only have on (Flex) camera so far, but the cameras are so cheap I can justify using them throughout the house instead of motion detectors which is awesome. I actually plan on eventually having two of the NVRs - one for outside with the “hybrid” cloud access turned on, and one for inside that’s more locked down.

I love that it’s always recording audio and video, while not using any bandwidth. All functions work really well on both desktop and mobile (timeline, settings, defining motion zones, etc.) However I do wish it had object recognition to help filter false positive alerts. I have the camera at the back of a ~12" soffit but at night because of the reflection from the IR emitters it still goes off from snow, rain, fog, etc. I tried adjusting sensitivity down to 1% and it was still going off. Also, there’s no rate-limiting for the notifications so when something like snow sets it off it sends notifications every ~10 seconds for hours…

In the relatively short time I’ve had UniFi equipment a lot of features have been added and functionality enhanced, so I’m optimistic that the same will be true with UniFi Protect. There’s already been 3 updates in the month or so I’ve had the NVR.

Feel free to DM me if you have any more questions, so we don’t clutter up this thread!

Three Aeotec Smart Switch 6s (switch, not dimmer) for sale. Unmarked condition. Reset and ready for inclusion to a new network.

$30 each shipped within CONUS or $85 shipped for all three.

Thought I would bump this up, but if you’re interested in some 3D prints check out my shop. Free shipping on most items. Also, if you need something custom printed, let me know. There isn’t much I can’t print.

Thanks for looking!

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@bamarayne would you consider printing this and if you would let me know the price Thanks.

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Yeah, No problem at all. I can make it for $4.50 plus shipping. Send me a pm with your mailing address and we can get a total cost.

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I’m looking to sell a few things. I’ve gone full Hue for almost everything now.

Five Sengled Element Classic bulbs $5 each
Two Osram Tunable White bulbs $5 each
One GE Z-Wave Plus Dimmer (14294) $25
Four GE Z-Wave Switches (12722) $20 each
Three GE Add-On Switches (12723) $15 each

All of the switches have the almond colored paddles. There is a neutral jumper wire for each switch. Some of the ‘fins’ on the switches have been removed.

It would be nice to sell everything together or all the bulbs and all the switches together. PayPal payment and buyer pays exact USPS shipping from Michigan.

2 GoControl WAPIRZ-1. $25. Price is for both and includes USPS First Class shipping. Good condition. Excluded from my SmartThings hub, so should be ready to pair to your hub. Includes sensors and batteries only. One sensor is a scraped up on the back from trying to get the tape off with a razor.

Bought a couple of the Legrand 100 Watt Ceiling Speakers at Lowes on clearance. Willing to trade for GE Fan switch if interested.

SOLD: Brand New GE/Jasco z-wave 3-way setup. This is the brand new models with S2 security, shallower case and no tabs to break off. $45 shipped.

Want To Trade: I have a new in box black Echo Dot gen3 I would like to trade for a new white/sandstone Echo Dot gen3.

Hey guys, I bought a Ring Video Doorbell Pro but after that I realised my doorbell is 220v and it won’t work here nor I have space to use a transformer. I haven’t touched the box, It is brand new in box. $120+shipping or best offer. Item is in South Salt Lake. Thanks

Iris V2 keypad, new - $30 shipped

Iris V3 contact sensor, new - $15 shipped

I have 2 enerwave zw15s switches and 1 addon. Looking to get $15 per switch and $10 for the addon. Buyer pays shipping.

Aeotec Gen 5 energy meter.

$60 shipped to you. Mine was hardwired so it DOES NOT have the plug end. Probably wont be an issue for most.

Google Nest Mini (2nd gen, chalk color) for trade.

New in box, unopened. Got it recently as part of a promotion but we’re currently an Echo house and I’d like to trade for something I can use. Got the Nest Mini for free and they’re currently selling for $35, so not expecting to get anything worth a lot. Would consider new or used, maybe a smart switch, Echo Dot, zigbee/z-wave sensor, etc. Not interested in most WiFi devices (other than maybe an Echo Dot).
Shipping would be from/to AZ, USA.

Let me know what you’ve got!

Edit: Trade offer accepted, no longer avilable