Community Forums - 08/28/2015 Dedicated Server Migration

Our Community Is Growing!

We are upgrading the forums tomorrow to run on their own dedicated server container. This should help with uptime and performance and afford us a few more niceties in the coming months as well. This will be a zero downtime upgrade but will results in about 20-30 minutes of read only.

This will happen tomorrow (08.28.2015) night at 9pm PST.


@tgauchatwhat are you going to do with your new found free time!?


Dagnabit! You were either reading my mind or I’m very predictable.

A break is a good thing… I’ll try not to substitute with binge eating or something…


Puppy party? Howl howl!

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Note, I am a bit delayed, expecting to start the move in about 2 hours

During the move

  • There will be very brief period where site is in read only
  • Images will be broken for a short time

Except for that we should be rocking … will update you here 5 minutes before we are going to readonly (and banner this) and again once all the drama is over!

So @sam_saffron did I get the date/time wrong? Is it happening very soon or tomorrow?

Very very soon I am just about to flick site to readonly

We are moved now @Ben give me a few minutes to sort out images

Testing new image uploads

:ballot_box_with_check: looks good using CDN and new scheme

:ballot_box_with_check: avatars are good, CDN refreshing

:ballot_box_with_check: old image links corrected

Bonus … looking at the slew of javascript errors I am seeing here …

@Ben I am done for today, fixed that javascript error you had (it was due to a site customization here) you will notice the “gigantic banner” is still here on categories page now :slight_smile:

I do recommend moving to a banner topic instead cause it is less jarring for regulars see:

Also I recommend the change we have at clicking on home page takes you to categories view … but once you are in a topic and hit home it takes you to latest, instead of back to /categories.

@arpit_jalan is looking at figuring out why the home icon is absent unless you scroll down a topic.

That is totally unrelated to the move, ping me here if anything is amiss

Woo-hoo! Search on iPad is working again. Thanks!

I spoke too soon. Search is still broken. Boo-hoo… :cry:

I thought that was just me! Thanks for noticing!