Community Edge Drivers - Checks & Balance?

Let’s have a discussion…

Let me start by saying community built drivers are a god send. 3/4 of my devices wouldn’t be working without them with the added bonus that they are local.

But it got me thinking that a missing comma, semi-colon or space can alter thousands of users devices/configurations without their consent. Maybe that’s just the trade off of using a community driver. You take the risk. I recall in the old groovy IDE when a driver was updated the user could choose to update or not.

Any checks & balance in place for edge to prevent “bad” updates? Once the developers publish an updated driver, it is sent immediately to users hubs?

There has been some past discussion of this issue in the following thread. Both staff and community developers have participated so far.

General security question about community provided edge drivers

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Got it. Thanks for the link

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