Communicating with Smartthings

Thought you might find this interesting…

I am using rule machine asking with LANdroid for sounds in my house. I have an old galaxy S4 with an external speaker connected to my LAN. It is in the living room.

Currently I am at the hospital with my wife, who is in surgery. My parents are at home with my 4 month old daughter. I am deep inside of the VA hospital and do not have cell service, but I do have a very limited Wi-Fi. My Texting is only receiving, but very sporadically.

I did receive a text from my mother asking for an update on my wife. My text would not send.

I knew my mother was in the living room based on motion occurring in the house.

So, I went into the API and created a virtual moment button tile.

I then used rule machine to create a trigger using that button tile.

I used the “speak this message option” to send messages to my mom. She hears them over the speaker. I just update the rule with what I want to say and hit the button!

She turns on the dining room lights to let me know she received the message. I turn the lights off to acknowledge her.

It is daytime, if she turns on the porch lights I know there is a problem and I will go outside to get a cell signal.

So, while there may be glitches in the system and people think it’s just an expensive you, I just found and used the system for a real world use that isn’t a toy!

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Sorry about your wife…Hope she’ll have a speedy recovery and that everything goes well.


Thanks Bobby, it’s nothing serious… After 8 kids we finally figured out what’s causing it… And now we’re having that little problem taken care of. Lol


Oh c’mon, you should keep on going. You could build the most reliable HA on the planet. You’ll have one kid for each light switch in your house. When you walk the lights will come on. And if you buy them cell phones you have remote access too…


Haha! 8, I repeat EIGHT KIDS! Plus two grandkids! And only two of them are girls!

If these boys works stop breaking stuff long enough I might be able to get an HA system of the ground!

I tried that, but my lights keep going on and off at random and don’t take mode into account. I rebooted the hub, run z-wave repair and opened a support ticket. I will keep an eye on that.

With my kids, movie paused = bathroom break. This is the only automation that works with 100% reliability whether internet is down.


Hmmm, it sounds to me, that you might have an issue with the architecture of your platform. Depending on how long ago you’ve started, you may be able to restructure. Workarounds are only good for limited time. You need to solve the root cause…

Modern times smoke signals. I’m liking it!

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I’ve found that allowing the older devices to mingle with the devices from other networks that brand new devices sporadically appear in the network.

Though the newer devices are saved to the parent devices and actually cause much more supervision than if the older devices were left in isolation.

I believe the rest of my devices are going to be locked into place to prevent this network wide duplication virus from spreading!

Though, I’ve heard that covering parts of the devices in latex also helps prevent this problem.
I’ll have to find out what latex protection apparatus is on the WAF approved list for my devices.


I used my original architecture for quite a long time, but then I started having stability issues. I tried a few work arounds but none were compatible with the original. I eventually found a good work arounds and implemented an architecture replacement protocol. Unfortunately, the replacement protocol is expensive and trends to remove at least half of the available and future resources. Luckily the search for the replacement was bug free.

My newer platform is much more stable, but it can be feisty and a bit temperamental.

My original was made in Mexico and my new one is Irish… I’m pretty sure they are both built on the same architecture structurally. Too bad they couldn’t play nice with each other.


that would work as good as my ZWave has today

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These experiences sure ring familiar.

Since I didn’t have a use case for spawned device instances, I opted for a hub with identical connector types (M-M), only to find that this did not automatically ensure a compatible system.

It’s been sufficient, thought, to support a few small devices with limited communication needs and other fuzzy attributes.