Common code base and sharing for apps

@Ben - FYI

As a new user of ST I thought I’d share some initial thoughts about experience as a layperson starting to using ST. Keep in mind that I have 20 years of programming experience, so you can extrapolate how an average user with no computer/programming experience would feel.

First up I think ST is an awesome idea and concept, a platform for the IoT with an open programmable interface to build up use cases as things get onboard.

Having said that I would like to share some “emotions” I have felt over the past week.

  1. Cool at first, very difficult to actually use beyond what comes on the iPhone app. There are no guides or references on how to use the platform or apps. I’m still struggling with this one. Definitely not intuitive.
  2. There is no common place for code or common way to share. For eg. why not have a site/thread or an “app store” that keeps all user generated code until ST publishes it to the wider community. There are multiple advantages to this, importantly it’s easy to find apps you’re looking for without having to spend days searching the forum. Most importantly it keeps users from having to constantly update their apps code everytime the dev makes a change to it. It should just push changes / updates to all subscribed users of the app by itself.
  3. Things have to be more organized, it appears to be but I’ve found that when searching through the categories aren’t enough (eg have multi categories for apps), the installation interface is not untuitive, I’ve gotten stuck into loops while trying to “install” an app, don’t know if I installed it (e.g. high and low exterme are two separate apps until you install and then they become one but while installing I had to install it twice).

Like I said this is an awesome platform for experineces programmers. If you’re looking at take this platform to the mass market you need to make it a heck of a lot simpler, intuitive, easier to share and stop depending upon devs to make the basic apps (e.g. verify and retry functionality, thermostat schedulers etc ) and basic functionalities that inexperienced users would expect from their devices (real world functionality).
If you address that last part I think you can onboard million of people in a relatively short time (or in marketing terms jump the chasm), that’s what apple excels at. You will need to create the market for it rather than depending up on devs to do it for you or I suspect you’ll become Linux rather than a iOS.

My 2 cents :smile:


@RBoy, I agree with all that you stated. I know they are working on some major improvements that will answer many of your concerns. Frankly though, you are not the first one, nor the last I suspect that will bring up the various points that you have here.

The community as a whole works to keep ST focused on the big issues, and sometimes those end up being things like what happened with the outage last week. So, just keep pointing out the issues, and we as a community will work to fix them