Comments on Video Testimonial Survey

You cannot ask for personally identifying information like email and phone number without having a privacy policy showing how that information is going to be used. It’s illegal in Europe, it’s illegal in some states in United States and it’s just plain rude.

It makes you look very amateurish. Whose idea was this and did they get clearance from legal?

Why is the phone number a required field for this kind of thing?

If this is intended to inspire your developer ecosystem, it’s going to inspire them to run over to another company that values customer privacy.



C’mon folks, it’s 2020, you can do better than this.

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If you give a reference to a job application then the person has to be notified in Europe and the UK as well, by the information handler. That’s even worse what you are saying @JDRoberts.

Let’s tag @jody.albritton as well. To get more attention.

To be clear, we’re referring to this right? User Testimonials Wanted


It asks for email address and phone number as a required field with no indication of privacy policy or how that information will be used. Good intentions are not enough. The uses need to be spelled out before the information is collected.

I should also add that in the US there are federal COPPA requirements that may be be violated by this survey.

Short comment: don’t ask for someone’s phone number unless you have first spelled out exactly why you want that information and how you are going to use it.