[Coming Soon] Message Central 10

After looking at the coding already done for Message Central, I have decided it needs a re code and a full cleanup.

This thread is for the new version: Message Central 10
I’ll fill in the sections as I do them.

Proposed Triggers:

  • Button - Pushed/Held

  • Switch - On/Off

  • Contact - Open/Close

  • Contact - Left open too long

  • Presence - Arrival/Departure

  • Water - Wet/Dry

  • Time - Schedule a reminder at configured time

  • Time - if contact open (Check at a certain time if something is open.)

  • Power - Alert when power goes below or above a threshold
    (And optionally ‘stays that way’ for a configurable amount of time - perfect for laundry appliances that drop
    below the threshold a couple of times before finally staying there when finished)

  • Motion - on ‘active’ or on 'inactive’

  • Temperature - either above or below a set point.

  • Mode change

  • Routine run

  • Appliance Power Monitor - This works the same as the power monitoring except that the power drawn MUST go above a threshold before monitoring starts

Proposed Actions:

  • ‘Speak’ a message using a Sonos speaker or equivalent

  • Push/SMS a message

Proposed Restrictions:

  • Mode

  • Presence

  • Time

  • Days of the week

  • Sunset & Sunrise (with offset)

Proposed Additional Options:

  • Variables to add detail to messages:
    %time% - Replaced with current time in 12 or 24 hour format (Switchable)
    %day% - Replaced with current day of the week
    %date% - Replaced with current day number & month
    %year% - Replaced with the current year
    %weather% - Replaced with the current weather forecast
    %opencontact% - Replaced with a list of configured contacts if they are open

  • Speaker volume - set ‘quiet time’ with different volume

  • Delay before speaking/sending message

  • Repeat Message/Single message - with a configurable number of repeats and delay between messages.

  • Missed messages - Separate ‘child’ app - where timed messages are configured but you were not at home to receive them, then list missed messages when you return

  • ‘Follow Me’ speakers to use motion sensors to only play messages where there are people (with a ‘default’ if there is no movement anywhere)

Won’t WebCore do all of this now?

yes it will…
I don’t use webcore and my thinking on this is that it should be easy to use and easy to port to Hubitat if anyone requests me to do it.

I just thought it was about time to cleanup the original Message Central and maybe add a few bits.

Big Talker will do it too but I have added different options and this is/will be easier to configure


I would love to see this made available for Hubitat to use with my Aeotec Doorbell. Hubitat doesn’t support parent/child apps yet, however.

Once finished, even if parent/child is not supported it will be able to be converted to a single app that you could install multiple times if you wanted. (until parent/child is supported)
When porting over to hubitat I’ll be looking at giving you various ‘slots’ to cover until this is available.

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Ah, I have been thinking about giving Hubitat a try.

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Ditto - although I would have to swap out my Caseta for Caseta Pro … hmmmm…

@Cobra, hi.

I suggest adding LANNoucer in the Proposed Actions for those who do not have the Sonos speaker.