Coming Home - Unlock Door

I have used the default Coming Home routine in ST to unlock my front door on arrival (Yale Z wave), however by the time I get to my door it has timed out and locked itself. I cannot find anywhere to edit the timeout length to allow me enough time to get to the door.

you probably need to change the lock setting to not lock after x amount of time, but then you may run into other issues. I used to use that routine, and I stopped because there were some glitches. For example, if my internet went out in the middle of the night and/or my cell phone dropped out of the wifi, as soon as it will reconnect it will unlock the door and it happened a couple of times at 2 or 3 in the morning, and it will drive my dog crazy.

So for security reasons, I dont use the presence feature to unlock my door, but I will reconsider using it to lock it. The same reason why I don’t use voice commands to unlock the door.