Comcast Alarm - icontrol Model 4000001604

Hey Everyone,

Has anyone had any success or experience with the Comcast Alarm System and the icontrol device they use to bridge a wired panel to zigbee?

I’m having my comcast alarm installed as we speak and I have the iControl device in my hands. Any information on how I can get my wired door sensors, motion and smoke detectors connected from my alarm panel to ST hub would be awesome.

From what I understand, Comcast will use the Zigbee bridge for their purposes and then lock it down. So, I have limited time to attempt an integration unless the tech “gives me the keys”.

Looking forward to replies…


Hey Todd. I know this is over 2 years old, but I am curious if you ever found out anything about this?

I have a Spectrum (Brighthouse) security setup which I believe is identical to the system that Comcast installs, with the iControl panel and all. I would love to find a way to integrate that system with my ST setup.