Combine Multiple Smart bulbs into one Switch for ActionTiles

I just can’t figure out how to combine multiple smart bulbs into one tile for on/off operation.

I tried the “My devices, add device, simulated dimmer switch” method. I can create a simulated dimmer switch but I can’t add the bulbs to that simulated dimmer switch in order for action tiles to see it.

Right now I have routines set up in the smartthings app. One routine for bulbs on, one for bulbs off. But that takes up two tiles on action tiles. I would like one tile and have it be on/off like my GE wall switches are.

Sorry I’m very new to this. Was reading forum posts about this and maybe this is a beta feature? I’m on the trial period with Action Tiles and before I spend the money, I would like to make sure it does what I want and right now it’s not doing what I want.

Thank you for your time.

Unlike other front-end Apps like Amazon Alexa, we haven’t put “light grouping” or “scenes” as a feature into our front-end… yet. It’s a reasonable request, but one of hundreds of desired features.

One of our support Forum relevant Topics for this is: and

But note:

Combining multiple switches (lights, etc.) into one Virtual Switch or a single Routine, or a Scene called by a Routine, or triggered by one real Switch is a relatively common SmartThings function, not specifically limited to ActionTiles! Learning how to group lights using SmartThings tools is helpful to everyone, not just ActionTiles customers!!!

Here are some ways to do this … I can’t say which is the simplest or most appropriate for your level of experience and needs; but they are listed roughly from simplest to most complex…

  1. Create an “on” Routine and an “off” Routine and add these two Routine Tiles to any ActionTiles panels. Routines can only dim in 10% increments, but aren’t bad.

  2. Create various Scenes (at least one for on and off) setting the dim level and colors of your Lights. Create a Routine for each Scene that does nothing but Activate the Scene. This is necessary because SmartThings does not expose Scenes to ActionTiles (darnit!!! :confounded:).

  3. Use the Smart Lighting SmartApp (Automation / Marketplace). It can use any Switch to trigger any set of lights. The simplest case is to use one of the real lights in your group as the “trigger” to control the rest. Now you can toggle all those lights from the “trigger” Switch.

  4. See #3, but add a Virtual Switch instance as the trigger. This is a bit harder because if lights in the group are turned on without the virtual switch being used, it will not indicate the correct state. Still, you can just tap it twice to resync the state.

  5. Install and use the Trend Setter SmartApp: [OBSOLETE] Trend Setter

  6. Install and use WebCoRE and any switch or virtual switch as a trigger. WebCoRE is overkill for this scenario, but lays the groundwork for more complex automations.

  7. … Perhaps the Community will offer additional suggestions; but 6 choices above are quite a few to consider and try already!

Check out Trend Setter. It will group the lights and create the Virtual Switch for you. It’s a nice app that has worked perfect for me!


im having a hard time installing trend setter but I use the smart app big switch to accomplish this very same use case. I have 3 hue bulbs in my livingroom and one button on action tiles connected to a virtual switch I now call group lights. works great for one button on off. im wondering if I get trend setter installed if it will let me adjust the colors.

Create virtual switch and use either dim with me or color coordinator smart appto group them into one switch.

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