Combination of Sound and spoken Message possible?

I’m looking for a possibility to combine sound and spoken message. I’m using the smartapps “Speaker Companion” as well as “Media Render Events”, but in both it doesn’t seem to be possible to combine e.g. “Bell 1” and the spoken message “The window in the …room is open”.
Can anyone give me a hint, please?

I think Big Talker should be able to do this for you

I suspect the OP wants to do something like Chime immediately followed by some text, such as “%devicename% is open”. For this to happen, the target Big Talker device must support multiple commands, and/or command queueing or delays.

I attempted this using Lannouncer multiple command strings, however Lannouncer does not support queueing or delays, so the commands ran simultaneously, not exactly what I wanted.

June, 15 2017 Notes: added option to select multiple intro sounds before tts;

I’m unable to find documentation on the message variables and how to setup a multiple command message, such as:
Chime, Please enter you pin code, Chime
on both a Lannouner device and Speaker device.

From what I understand it would be three message profiles, with messages 2 and 3 having delays?

This is what the sequence would be. It came out of the idea to have a sound play before the announcement starts so that people don’t get caught by surprise when the speaker starts talking. The delays are there to fine tune the playback to avoid overlapping or truncation of messages.

What you want is possible, if you have an android control tablet linked into your system.
Typically, this is done using smarttiles / actiontiles. On the tablet running that app, you would configure Tasker and Sharptools.

Tasker allows you to sequence actions in a particular order, to put pauses between those actions, etc.
Sharptools is a plug-in that interfaces directly with SmartThings. The announcements and sounds would come from that tablet, or from a speaker connected (wire, Bluetooth,etc) to the tablet.

If you are a bit creative, you could even use Tasker to make that tablet be the keypad on which you enter your PIN.

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Thank you! Unfortunately I don’t have an Android device…

I’m currently testing RemindeR and it basically does what I want!

Thank you, that helps!

I’m currently testing it…