Colour changing smartapp?

I have a few Philips Hue bulbs and light strips, along with a few Osram colour strips. I just discovered the Philips Essentials app that lets me turn the kitchen into a pseudo police car (which amused me and my six year old but annoyed the crap out of my wife!). We’re having a Halloween party at the end of this month so it would be great if there was an ST app that would allow me to control the colours of all the lights around the house regardless of brand so we can create a Halloween light scene for the night. Any one know of anything?

I haven’t set anything up in over a year… and I use WebCORE for all that kind of stuff now.

But before WebCORE, I used this one. I honestly can’t remember what kind of features it had, and I believe it’s changed a decent amount since I did use it.

Hey Tim, that idea sounds amazing.

You can check on this one.


Hey @Tim_Foster, i hope idea still on board lol have you tried the lifx bulbs? lifx app has what i call “party mode” so you can configure brightness and color speed change.

Hopes this solution helps.