Color Wheel tile

I have a custom device type that uses a color wheel. @Ron has a cool looking custom device type that uses the same control see this link Aeon Smart Meter Switch 6 - Beta [ SmartThings Device Custom Release Beta].

Ron, my question is to you I didn’t post this in your thread because I didn’t want to hijack it with my support questions but what is the trick to get the color wheel tile to look the way you have it as apposed to the way it does for me?

Here is the way the control looks for me the center is filled in:

Here is my code in case you want to take a peek.

This looks like the difference between Appv1 and Appv2. The screen shots posted by Ron look like the old GUI.

Humm his screen shot has the “Right Now” | “Recently” | “SmartApps” tab at the top. Isn’t that App v2?

They represent the same amount of colors, just a different way of showing it.

Yes I understand that. The question is how does he get the tile to look the way it does? My color wheel is filled in his is just a wheel. I think his looks much better!

I wonder if it’s an OS difference. Android vs iOS or Windows Phone. My color tile looks like yours John, and looks like we’re both iOS.

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@Sticks18 got it, iOS vs Android

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Well I will quit kicking myself for not seeing it in his code!! Thanks!!

I think it needs to be size 3x3, too large in my opinion but I found when you make it smaller it looks more like yours.

Also are you on IPhone or Android, I am on android. that might be a factor.

Yea its the difference between IOS and Android. Thanks!