Color wheel dynamic set

hello, i have a colorwheel tile (device.color)
Everything i want to do works fine, i wonder one thing:
Lets say i set a color of value 100,200,220 (rgb)
now i open again the colorwheel and the default is in the center of the wheel (pure white)
How can i set it so it can go to a specific color ( lets say to 100,200,220)
I hope this makes sense.

The color wheel position is controlled by the attribute “color” and is in hex format. I think (100,200,220) would be “#64c8dc#”. When you set the color, you would also have a statement

sendEvent(name: “color”, value: “#64c8dc#”)

You may be able to get the individual RGB hex values by using the hex function, then build the color string from the pieces.


thanks Scott, this worked out perfectly