Color touchscreen z-wave thermostat...please help me find one?


I’m trying to find a z-wave thermostat that has a color touchscreen.

Anyone have any recommendations?

Thanks so much!

UK or US? The device selection does vary by region.

Assuming you meant the US…

The Trane XL850 has a color panel, but you will need custom code for it. @johnconstantelo has done something for similar device which I believe may also work. But it will probably only expose the thermostat features, not any of the control panel type stuff for other devices. Anyway, ask any follow-up questions on the trane models in the following thread, I’m just not 100% sure that you can get a good outcome for the XL 850 model.

I think everybody else is monocolor, although the color varies. Some have a blue background, some have a green background, some have blue digits on a white background, etc.

Why not just use ecobee? It’s not zwave, but it works well with SmartThings, and it’s a color touchscreen.