Color and Fade tiles

Hi I hope someone can help me with what is probably a very basic request from a complete novice. I’m taking my first steps in adapting device handlers using the fairly simple native Aeon LED Bulb device handler:

Aeon LED Bulb

I’m trying to add some buttons for fixed colors (red, green, purple, white etc) plus fade buttons. I’ve tried cutting and pasting from other device handlers but have been unable to get anything to work (although the tiles appear).

I would be really grateful if someone could give me the code for say one color and one fade that will work in that handler.


Hi all.

I’ve been doing some digging and I think I’ve managed to work out how to implement set color buttons but I still can’t work out how to set up a lite fade for example. I think you need to invoke a z-wave built in program but I’ve not been able to find any documentation that sets out what code needs to be inserted to do this. All help will be gratefully received.

A subsidiary point and I should probably start a separate thread for this, but I’m using google home with my lighting and when I ask it to change a bulb to “purple”, say, it changes it to a different shade of purple than the shade I set up with my preset button in the device handler. Does anyone know why?