Code snippet for in app logging to state


Thought I’d put this up here in case anyone is interested in using it and may save someone some work. I’m using it on a couple of my own apps now, which time stamp strings in to a state list. These can then be dynamically requested to return x rows. I can’t guarantee it’s the best way of doing it, but it works!

Basically drop it in your app, and call the “set” and “get” commands, to give you a get response like the below, usage examples in the code comments. (The screenshot shows the “length” being pulled from an input)

def updateLog(command, name, length, event){
// TO SET: 		updateLog("set", "Test", 20, "This text is added to log and time stamped")
// TO GET:		updateLog("get", "Test", 20, null)
// TO DELETE:	updateLog("set", "Test, 0, null)
// command: 	"set" adds and item to the log, "get" returns the log with a retun between each entry and is non destructive,
//				 if a shorter length requested than stored then the state value is not trimmed, unless set to '0'.
// name: 		What you want to call the state ("Test" will be prefixed and stored as"state.logTest" 
// length: 		Logs will only be trimmed on set command, get request will only trim the response,
//         		 if null then there is no length restriction, if 0 the state itself will be removed entirely from ST.
// event: 		The string to be stored, this will be prefixed with the time in dd MMM HH:mm format (You can change this below)

def logName = "log$name" as String									// Add log prefix
if(settings?.length == null || length == 0){state.remove(logName); return "State Cleared"}		// If length set to 0, delete state
	if(!state."$logName"){state."$logName" = []}						// If list state new, create blank list
	def tempList = state."$logName"										// Create a temp List
switch(command) {    
   	case "set":
    	if(!length || tempList.size() < length){length = tempList.size()+1}	// Get valid trim length if short
        tempList.add(0,"${new Date(now()).format("dd MMM HH:mm", location.timeZone)} - ${event}") // Add to top of tempList
        state."$logName" = tempList.subList(0, length)
    case "get":
    	if(!length || tempList.size() < length){length = tempList.size()}	// Get valid trim length if short
    	def formattedList = ""
        tempList = tempList.subList(0, length)
        tempList.each { item ->
        	if(formattedList == ""){
            	formattedList = item
        		formattedList = formattedList + "\n" + item
        return formattedList
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I expect no one is using this… but I have updated code to fix INT/null value issue, when carrying out a get when there is no data yet…