Code already registered: tried factory resetting 10+ times

Hi, sorry for responding here early. Been trying to fix my smartthings hub and have done all the things I could look up or find, tried resetting the wifi and device, factory reset multiple times, consistent failure to connect properly or maybe connect only once and lose it right away after checking through the logs and router connections. Working on getting a ticket at the moment, did not want to lose this discussion.

Similar issue here. The V2 hub is mine and I activated it a few years ago, but never used it and put it on a shelf. Fast forward to today…I’m still running my V1 hub with the new app, but decided I might move to my V2 hub in a few weeks. So I figure I’ll add it to my current location, and then decide how to move forward. I plugged it in…but get the “code already registered” message. Sure…that was me…I used the code a few years ago. So I did a hard reset (4x now)…all I end up with is an alternating solid green led (~30-45 secs), then solid blue led (~15 secs)…on and on. Code still doesn’t work.

I filed a ticket (1129456), but the support person keeps telling me to hard reset the hub and the code should work. Well, it doesn’t…something else is wrong, and it’s not my network. I logged into the IDE and it only shows my V1 hub.

@Brad_ST please help. Ticket 1129456.

Thanks, Mike

You should be all set to re-add it now.

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Thanks Brad! Whatever you did worked! The hub is connected now.


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Hi everyone, so same issue here I guess… my brother gave me a hub and even after deleting/transferring and resetting I still cant add to my account. Can someone help please?