Code already registered: tried factory resetting 10+ times

@Brad_ST hello, I have the same problem “Code already registered. Invitation from owner needed to use this hub.” Could you help me pls

Do you have a support ticket or more information?

@Brad_ST Could you please help me too. I recently migrated to the new smartthings app and had some old GE paddle switches stop working totally and replaced them with new ones. I attempted to add them with the new smartthings app by the search method and had no luck. I then attempted to add the device by brand and get the message “couldn’t add device you need a hub to connect to this device.” My hub shows active in IDE and on the classic app. I attempted to register the hub with the new app and it shows code already registered, invitation from owner needed to use this hub. My ticket number is 1022326. Thank you in advance and hope all of this make sense.

Yes I have new: Ticket #1027718 Thank you

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You should be all set and do not need to reset your hub. There is a bug where the hub needs to be put into a room in the app before it appears. I moved it to a room (you can move it elsewhere) and you shouldn’t see that warning any longer.

Your issue is similar with added complexity. Your hub and location are on a US server yet your Samsung account is outside of the US. You either need a US Samsung account or will need to reset the hub and devices. If the physical factory reset of your hub isn’t working, you can delete the hub from the IDE by signing in at

Thank you very much sir! It works great now! You are the smartthings guru! You should get a raise!

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@Brad_ST sorry to hijack on the end of this thread but i put a support ticket in over 2 weeks ago with this issue and have had no response from any staff - Ticket #1020388


I’m sorry you’ve been waiting so long! I replied to your support request with the welcome codes and you should be all set now.

@Brad_ST can you take a look at another user’s case?

Missing Devices Issues Migrating to New ST App

I have same issue as others code already registered ticket 1032990. Hoping Brad can help me. Deleted hub from app and online led is green.

@Brad_ST my ticket number is [SmartThings] Re: 1041310 | can’t register hub

My sn is Hub serial number 3000363738

@Brad_ST Would you mind looking at ticket 1037678? Been getting the run-around for 9 days now and was just told to wait another 3-4 days. So frustrating, hope you can make my hub functional again.