Cocoon Home Security Device

Well, this is interesting! I was recently racking my brain trying to figure out a way to utilize the the fact that my whole first floor is pre-wired for a home security system. The wireless Zwave open/closed sensors are pricey at $40 a pop so I was working on a solution to try and use contacts of some kind on each door and window - but then my dad came across this and sent it over to me. I thought I would post it here and see what you guys think!

If it actually works the way they say it will, I would love to see ST integration and be able to not even have to worry about putting contacts and sensors on each and every door and window. Wow, how amazing would that be?!?

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Sounds like its just a big motion sensor and SmartThings already supports many motion sensors. Still doesn’t solve the problem of perimeter security and being able to use existing contact sensors. I’d would much rather use contact sensors on all doors and windows because they’re usually more accurate, work when you are home and want to be alerted of intrusions and alert you before someone is inside.

It seems the big downsize of cocoon is the inability to have a “Stay” mode or knowing the difference between you walking around your home at night or serial killer that managed to slip in through a window as you are getting ready for bed. :wink:

Yeah I get that. The point is not having to use contacts on every single window and door. It obviously keeps the cost down that way. Even for just my first floor, $40 each for open closed sensors on each separate window and door, plus having to replace batteries on all of those…yikes.

Also…if I were a robber all I have to do is break a window and climb through, leaving the window closed, and that renders every single door and window sensor completely useless. Door and window sensors are pretty useless for serious security if you ask me…for that reason I just stated. Glass break detectors on all windows would not be cost effective to solve that problem. I do see your point though with the fact that this would not alert you until someone is technically inside your house. Even though…you’re talking about a difference of maybe 20-30 seconds though as to when you get notified with an open/closed sensor vs. the Cocoon. You can’t really say that they are more accurate because the Cocoon isn’t even available and hasn’t been tested yet.

The advantage here I guess is one device for your ENTIRE house, plus not having to replace batteries on all those open/closed sensors, plus cost, of course. It seems like it will be able to “learn” the difference between yours/your family’s and pet’s motion and sound, and know the difference between that and someone else in the house.

If it works and it’s cost effective…I’m all for it.

That’s why we have motion sensors in addition to door/window sensors. Robbers most likely don’t want to draw attention by breaking a window and even if they do, they’d probably want to open a door on their way out to carry the loot. Besides, I’m very skeptical about their claims:

Very loud alarm to disorientate intruders.

That’s total bs. No sound produces by a small device like that can disorient anyone bigger than a cat. Solution - smash it with the same hammer I used to break your window or just rip the power cord. SmartThings hub can be hidden away, but Cocoon has to be out in the open for the camera to be useful.

Wide angle night vision lens

How wide? No spec is given, but from the picture is looks like 120 deg at most. Unless you live in a studio, you’d need one for every room. It can’t it see around the corners, can it?

learns what’s normal for your home to filter out false alarms

How long does it take to learn and how good is learning? What if my sound pattern changes, e.g. I overloaded my washer and it started to vibrate 30 minutes after I left my home?

My guess is this thing will cost at least $200. Z-Wave contact and motion sensors cost around $30-35 apiece. I’d rather buy 6 extra sensors.

Lol - take a deep breath bro. I don’t work for them. Just saw something cool and thought I would post. I didn’t even read the whole “loud alarm to disorient intruders.” That is bs for sure. I do like how it’s also a camera, etc.

I need WAY more than 6 extra sensors to cover all my doors and windows, especially when you add in motion sensors. Not to mention all the freaking batteries I would have to constantly replace.

This thing isn’t really any different than a Piper. I own one and it’s great except it has one huge drawback. They sold out to a cable security firm and stopped all enhancements. SmartThings integration was actually a extended campaign goal, which they reached, but they’ve released zilch in the way of 3rd party integration. I love my Piper, I just want to be able to use SmartThings to arm it intelligently.

So these new toys could be great, but its up to them to create some way for SmartThings to integrate. We already know the ST team will add pretty much anything we ask for as long as the device has an API.

Good for you. :smile:

Hi guys, just to clarify, detection is not motion sensor based, but sound based [ infrasound, more precisely ].