Cloud Connector : How do you handle staging -vs- prod?

Hi !

My web app is coming along nicely, and at this moment, my brand is configured as a cloud connector on my staging server, while me and (soon) beta users will be testing the platform.

However, as I’m preparing to go live, I realized that if I switch my cloud connector config (mainly the webhook url) my staging server will no longer talk to ST and I really want to keep it, to deploy and test in staging before going to production, for the lifetime of my product.

How do you manage keeping a staging AND production version of your cloud connector ? Do you create two brands, onw which you’ll simply never publish ?

Hi, @AlexDanault

Can you please elaborate on how are you planning to do this? Inviting members to your location will allow them to see, on My Testing Devices the projects that are currently on Deploy to Test.

Users need to have Developer Mode activated. You can check more on how to do this here.

We strongly recommend that you only publish the production version, since once published the cloud connector cannot be changed. If you want to modify the WebHook URL, or certify more devices, then you need to contact us at