Cliff notes on SSDS

Can anybody tell me the latest status on the scheduler sudden death syndrome. I have a v1 hub with two of my devices driven by homemade smart apps that depend exclusively on scheduling (humidifier and air exchanger based on my own preferences and outside sensors). They were working fine last year and gradually became victims to SSDS (the scheduling just stops working and the device is left to its own). I religiously read threads where multiple users had the same issue this summer but lost touch (and hope for a solution).

But now winter is coming and I need to know if I will rewire the devices to the thermostat instead of zwave switches.

I still need to kick start my smart apps every 2-3 days.

Has any solution been provided ? Does V2 hub solve this issue ?


Yes, this is still an issue for both v1 and v2 hubs, the only work around is to detect scheduler death and reschedule in a similar manner to pollster.

Oh well … Nice and short answer. You saved me looking for answers in all the threads. Thanks.