Client App - Not Found (UK) - Help?

Hi All, I’ve been playing with custom devices and customer smart apps seeing what I can get working in the UK. Recently though I’m finding some integrations are saying client App is not available. Does anyone know what this may be? One example is the weatherbug app. See the photo below - I’m guessing it is because I am in the UK more than anything, any advice greatly received.

Yes … In general, various web services based SmartApps need(ed) to be updated to work with the new UK “shard” of the SmartCloud (there are currently two Regions, US, and UK/EU01).

I haven’t checked WeatherBug particularly, but I presume if you get the error it may be shard related.

Can you give me the installation procedure? I can test with US and UK.

I installed the weather bug app and from this you just click connect on the thermostat connection and it then gives you options for Nest & SmartThings the app then asks you to log into the OAuth page, thats when I stumble into problems.

Don’t spend too much time on this I’ve been playing with the app and it is somewhat limited in the UK. I was more looking for some validation of the issue, to stop me going mad.

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