CLI Output Time Incorrect

When I use smartthings.exe devices:history deviceID -L 1 -j -o test.json the timestamp within the output file is 1 hour behind my PC time, when I use -U also the same, any ideas?

Hi, @Mooihoek

I made some tests and I get the UTC value every time when I save the history into a file. In my timezone, we’re 6 hours behind the UTC time.
However, if I use this command:

smartthings devices:history deviceID

It gets the results showing the local time. So, I think that’s because the CLI processes the data instead of showing the raw timestamp.
Is there a particular reason why you need to save the history entries in a file?

this isnt working for me at all, time is always a hour behind. Im saving the history to a file so I can then import them into a graphing tool to understand long term energy usage.

As I understand it as there is no long-term history available with the CLI?